(シャカモン Shakamon)
Shakamon b
Level Mega
Type Tathāgata
Attribute Vaccine

Shakamon is a Tathāgata Digimon whose name and design are derived from the legendary Shaka Nyorai. Rumored to be the being closest to Yggdrasill in the Digital World, Shakamon is the one that has protected the eastern Digital World since ancient times. It is a being replete with love, but it will occasionally impose an ordeal upon the Digital World in order to have it leap forward even further. Those ordeals are also Shakamon's love, and it is said that Shakamon is still waiting for the arrival of the Digimon that will overcome the ordeals. It is something meaningless to challenge Shakamon, who understands the underlying principles of heaven and earth.[1] The characters on its spheres read "One" ( Ichi?) through "Sixteen" (十六 Jūroku?), a reference to the Sixteen Arhats.


  • Satori Henro Shou (悟遍路掌? lit. "Pilgrimage of Enlightenment Palm"): Enlightens those who challenge it to battle that conflict is meaningless by having them endlessly fight against an illusion on top of its palm, so in the end both their mind and body are exhausted.
  • Reikou Kumo-no-Ito (霊光蜘蛛之糸? lit. "Light of the Spider's Thread"): Purifies and remedies evil by illuminating the opponent with a halo that cannot be shut out even if they close their eyes.
  • Taijou Shingon (怠条真言? lit. "Mantra of Neglect"): Crushes hostility with a thundering voice, knocking the opponent away beyond the horizon.

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