Shotmon t
Appears in:Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters
First appearance "I Shall Have You in Costume! Cameramon's Halloween Scandal!" [04]
Voice actor(s):(Ja:) Yoshihisa Kawahara
Partner(s):Unknown Appli Driver
App Fusion Partner (+ Cameramon)

Shotmon is Cameramon's App Fusion partner.


Main article: Shotmon#Design




On October 31, Shotmon app fuses with Cameramon to fight Gatchmon as Scorpmon. They are defeated, returning to Chip form as Scorpmon. Haru Shinkai briefly holds it before Mienumon retrieves it and takes it with her to Nakamura-Fujimizaka. I Shall Have You in Costume! Cameramon's Halloween Scandal!

On March 11, Haru and Gatchmon are lured to Shotmon's island by Mienumon. While he initially has the upper hand in a battle against them, Haru then Appliarises Puzzlemon who holds off Shotmon long enough for Haru and Gatchmon to catch up with Navimon, Eri, Dokamon, Astra, and Musimon. Reclaim the 7code Appmon! Showdown—Ultimate VS Ultimate!

Other Forms


Notes and references

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