Showdown Between Geniuses: Thomas vs. Nanami!

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What could possibly be wrong with gaining knowledge and information?

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Showdown Between Geniuses: Thomas vs. Nanami!
Airdate (Ja:) November 12, 2006
(En:) May 19, 2008
Toei Animation


Featured Characters

(Numbers indicate order of appearance. Bolded characters are fought by the protagonists, and italicized characters appear only as a voice or silhouette.)

Humans Rookie Champion Ultimate Mega Armor

Digimon Analyser


Agumon 1 ShineGreymon
Agumon (2006 anime) t Arrow RR.png ShineGreymon t
Gaomon 2 MirageGaogamon 4 Gaomon
Gaomon t Arrow RR.png MirageGaogamon t Arrow RR Red.png Gaomon t
Falcomon 3 Crowmon
Falcomon (2006 anime) t Arrow RR.png Crowmon t


Other Notes

Dubbing changes

  • In scenes where Nanami was originally depicted nude, albeit concealed by scenery, clothes were painted in the English dub on to further conceal her body.

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