This article is about SkullMeramon, known in Japan as DeathMeramon. For the Death Meramon who appears in C'mon Digimon, written with the interpunct, see Death Meramon.
(デスメラモン DeathMeramon)
SkullMeramon b
Level Ultimate
Type Flame
Attribute Data
Family Nightmare Soldiers
Prior forms BlueMeramon[1]
Next forms Boltmon[2]
Partners Fire Knight
Bagra Army
Ai and Mako[3]
Voice actors (Ja:) Hiroaki Hirata (Adventure), Tomohisa Asō (Xros Wars)
(En:) Doug Erholtz (Fusion)
Cards (En:) St-48, Tb-07, B1-043

SkullMeramon is a Flame Digimon.


  • Metal Fireball (Heavy Metal Fire): Launches a destructive ball of melted metal from its mouth. Alternatively, it fires blue fire mixed with liquid metal so that it clings to an opponent.
  • Chain of Pain/Flame Chain[6] (Heat Chain): Uses one of the chains on its body as a whip.
  • Blazing Iron Whip (ヒートチェーン乱れうち Heat Chain Midareuchi?, lit. "Heat Chain Flailing"): Uses many chains as whips.



DeathMeramon (デスメラモン)

Official romanization given by the Digimon Reference Book and used in Japanese media.

  • (En:) Death.
  • (Ja:) Meramera (めらめら?), the onomatopoeia for burning.

Name used in Digimon Adventure and American English media.

  • (En:) Skull.
  • (Ja:) Meramera (めらめら?), the onomatopoeia for burning.


Digimon Adventure

SkullMeramon is first seen as one of Myotismon's henchmen who is searching for the Eighth Child. Almost Home Free He is disguised in his hat and trench-coat before he encounters and reveals his true self to Sora Takenouchi and Mimi Tachikawa at the top of Tokyo Tower. Birdramon and Togemon try their best but miserably fail to stop him before Taichi "Tai" Kamiya, Greymon, Koushiro "Izzy" Izumi and Kabuterimon arrive. After Greymon digivolves to MetalGreymon, the two Ultimates begin to fight and SkullMeramon initially has the upper hand. However, MetalGreymon takes advantage of SkullMeramon´s inattention and distraction and manages to overpower him by pulling him into the sky and using his Giga Blaster, destroying him in midair. Gatomon Comes Calling

Digimon Tamers

Main article: SkullMeramon (Tamers)

Kazu Shioda was seen using a SkullMeramon card to beat Kenta Kitagawa. Another one in hat and trench-coat was among the shadowed Digimon that wanted Rika Nonaka to tame one of them. A SkullMeramon was among the many Digimon seen through the rip in the sky during Vikaralamon's rampage.

Digimon Fusion

Main article: SkullMeramon (Fusion)

Digimon World 2

SkullMeramon digivolves from Meramon, then digivolves into Boltmon.

Digimon World 3

SkullMeramon appears in Asuka Fire Dungeon, and appear as a card with 26/26 and Black type.

Digimon World Championship

SkullMeramon digivolves from Meramon, Devimon,or Youkomon, and can digivolve to Piedmon.

Digimon Masters

SkullMeramon is an Ultimate-level Mercenary Digimon. SkullMeramon digivolves from Meramon and can digivolve to Boltmon.

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