Snatchmon dw3
Debut Digimon World 3
Prior forms Vemmon[1]
Next forms Galacticmon
* (w/ Gunslinger)[1]

Snatchmon, an unknown Level Digimon. According to Lord Megadeath, Snatchmon is born when four Vemmon fuse together. It resembles a purple humanoid, with a large visored helmet and a thick, curling tail. Snatchmon was designed by αρχιμεδεs. An alternate version of its design later became Vemmon.[2]

Digimon World 3

After Lord Megadeath is defeated by Junior and retreats, Junior pursues him into a room with four Vemmon being contained in large tubes, Lord Megadeath orders the fusion of the four Vemmon to create Snatchmon.

Snatchmon claims to be the most powerful Digimon ever. Lord Megadeath commands his new creation to obliterate Junior but Snatchmon decides to rebel on its master and refuse to be ordered around causing it to absorb and eventually kill him.

After a short dialogue with Junior where he debates with Snatchmon that Digimon should be friendly to their Tamer partners, Snatchmon manages to use his ability to combine his matrix data with the Gunslinger Satellite to form Galacticmon, but the true goal behind Snatchmon's plot is to combine itself with planet Earth after it becomes Galacticmon in order to become a Digimon so devastatingly powerful known as Gaiamon. Junior hints that he won't allow Snatchmon to carry out its scheme and challenges it to a fight, Snatchmon accepts and proceeds to transform itself into Galacticmon to battle against Junior in space.

Notes and references

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