Snowballmon fk
Type Festive
Debut Fox Kids Commercial
Next forms Snowmanmon[1]

Snowballmon is a Festive Digimon. It was created for a Christmas shout out by Fox Kids during the first English broadcast season for Digimon Adventure. The Japanese name that appears during its Digivolution sequence is "Yukidama Kaibutsu" (雪玉怪物? lit. "Snowball Monster").[1]


Snowballman is a white snowball with eyes and a mouth. Because snowball fights are highly associated with the winter, it is thematically appropriate for the winter holiday theme that the commercial is designed for.



Name used in the FoxKids commerical.


Fox Kids

Snowballmon appears in a holiday commercial where it digivolves to Snowmanmon while Taichi "Tai" Kamiya and Agumon watch and then throws a snowball at the camera.

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