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Sparrowmon is a Bird Digimon whose name and design are derived from the Heinkel He 162 "Spatz" (Deu: "Sparrow") and the sparrow (Petronia xanthocollis). It specializes in aerial battles and soars soundlessly at Mach speed. It is effective not only at speed but also at tight turns, and possesses the maneuverability to easily pull off a sudden turn. It is fundamentally someone that easily gets carried away due to its moodiness. Because the quality of its flying varies depending on how it feels at the moment, you can immediately tell whether its mood is good or bad, from whether it looks like it is flying well or badly. If it is performing highly difficult aerial acrobatics without even being asked, you can take it as being unmistakable proof that it is in high spirits. Sparrowmon's many extraordinary feats, too quick to catch with the eyes, are things that thoroughly capitalize on that maneuverability. The guns it holds in its hands are a set of twin pistols named "Zanahoria" (Esp: Carrot), made by Vulcanusmon, who produced their sister-gun, the "Berenjena" (Esp: Eggplant) possessed by Beelzemon.[4]

Digimon FusionEdit

Main article: Sparrowmon (Fusion)


  • Crash Boom: Slams into the foe with such speed that it appears to split into four.
  • Wingtip Laser (Wing Edge): Slices the opponent with its wings as it passes through them, while continuously altering its trajectory at high speeds. This technique owes everything to high-altitude technical flying.
  • Lightning Lasers (Random Laser): Fires the Zanahoria while flailing its arms wildly.
  • Zanahoria

Sparrowmon After BurnerEdit

Sparrowmon After Burner is a Digimon whose name and design is derived from Sparrowmon and the afterburner. It is the DigiFuse between Sparrowmon and Ballistamon where Ballistamon becomes large jet engines for Sparrowmon.

Digimon Xros Wars (manga)Edit

Notes and referencesEdit

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