Spinomon b
Level Mega
Type Dinosaur
Attribute Virus
Family Nature Spirits
Dragon's Roar
Partners Etearu

Spinomon is a Dinosaur Digimon whose name and design are derived from the Spinosaurus (Spinosaurus aegyptiacus). It inhabits the green depths of the jungle. It boasts the greatest and strongest powers among the Dinosaur Digimon inhabiting the Digital World, and it is said that it possesses strength equal to that of Dinorexmon. Due to its extreme belligerence it leads a highly brutal existence, but the latest research has made it clear that it possesses astonishing intelligence. The blades on its back have become its greatest feature, and since they possess excellent defensive and offensive power, if it suffers a direct attack, the attacker is forced to suffer nearly fatal wounds. It can also shoot off the blades on its back, and since they keep growing back in an inexhaustible supply, don't count on it running out.[1]

Digimon World Dawn

Main article: Spinomon (Dawn)

Spinomon appears only in Dawn. Mercurimon replaces him in Dusk as a member of Kowloon Co.

Digimon Story Lost Evolution

Spinomon is a obtainable Digimon.


  • Sonic Slash Rain: Shoots off the blades on its back all at once.
  • Blue Prominence: Converts the metal accumulated within its body into plasma by superheating it up to 15000°, then fires it off.

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