Squawker t

Squawkers (リスター Risutā?, lit. "Wrister") are communicator devices used by the Fusion Fighters and the Fusion Fighters United Army in Digimon Fusion. They are worn around the wrist.


Digimon Fusion

Ballistamon makes nine Squawkers which Shoutmon distributes to Mikey Kudo, Angie Hinomoto, Jeremy Tsurgi, and the Starmons. When Jeremy is suspended in a giant bamboo spire, Mikey uses the Squawkers to communicate his plan to him. A Rival Appears

When Nene Amano is captured by Lucemon Wild 2nd Mode in the Sky Zone, Mikey offers Sparrowmon a Squawker for a temporary alliance but is rejected. Afterward, when Nene is successfully saved due to the Fusion Fighters' help and Sparrowmon's feelings toward them soften, Sparrowmon retrieves that very same Squawker. Clash in the Clouds

Later, in Canyon Land, Mikey uses the Squwaker to tell Nene and JetMervamon to use "Ouroboros Gate" so that they can escape. Deep Trouble in Canyon Land!

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