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(ストラビモン Storabimon)
Strabimon b
Level Hybrid[1]
Type (Ja:) Demon Man
(En:) Wizard
Attribute Variable
Family Nature Spirits
Next forms Lobomon[2]
Cards (En:) DM-223

Strabimon is a Wizard Digimon whose name and design are derived from "sträuben" (Deu: to rebel; for fur to bristle). It was transformed into a half-beast, half-man form when Lobomon's power was halved. Because it has not lost its "Combat Instinct", unlike the similar half-beast, half-man Flamemon, it has a ferocious side. For that reason, although it has the appearance of a Rookie Digimon, it will sometimes rampage enough to be out of control even for the typical Champion. As with Flamemon, although its power was decreased, it seems that Champion-class Digimon aren't a match for it.[3]


  • Darkness Hand (Licht Nagel, Deu: Light Nail): Cuts the opponent to pieces with the shining claws on its hands.
  • Licht Bein (Deu: Light Leg)

Notes and references

  1. Strabimon's Hybrid level is equated to the Rookie level in the Digital Monster Card Game.
  2. Digimon Life: Strabimon
  3. Digimon Reference Book: Strabimon

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