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Tactimon t
Appears in:Digimon Fusion/Manga
First appearance "Mikey Goes To Another World!" [01]
Last appearance "Now Revealed! The Secret of the Digimon Hunt!" [77]
Voice actor(s):(Ja:) Bin Shimada
(En:) Kirk Thornton
Partner(s):Bagra Army
OccupationBagra Army Head Officer

Tactimon is the strongest of the Three Head Officers of the Bagra Army. His favorite word is "Perfect".


Tactimon's armor resembles that of a samurai. It is painted black with red flame details. He also wears a dark blue cape. His face is never seen behind a helmet with a golden, flame-like crest welded onto it with a horn sticking out in the middle.


Tactimon is an extremely competent soldier which values organization and discipline above everything else and enjoys to have its dominion expanded at a growing pace which he denotes as perfect to his liking. Being the most proficient of the Head Officers, he has the largest army among them and six of the ten Zone Commanders answer to him.

The most successful at conquest among the Three Head Officers, Tactimon succeeds in bringing 26 Zones of the Digital World under his grasp.

He is extremely loyal to his lord, Bagramon, and is minded to retrieve all of the Code Crown fragments to him by any means available. His will to do so is strong enough to last posthumously as his master later uses his will, still present at his sword, as a beacon to the human world.



Tactimon is a soldier Digimon who possesses a peerless sword called the "Sword of Storms" (蛇鉄封神丸 Jatetsufūjin-maru?, lit. "Snake Sealed by God in Iron"). Within the Sword of Storms is sealed a sinister power strong enough to split a star in two, so drawing this sword marks the collapse of a star. Therefore, Tactimon battles without drawing it, but even so, it exhibits the destructive force of its menace. Even more than his merit as a soldier, he excels in strategy with plans and tactics which are even said to be, "ingenuity itself, as if gushing forth like a spring," so his true competency is not in physical strength but in ingenuity.[1] When he leads an army corps, it is said that, "the victory has been decided before he even fought." Due to the various plans he has laid out, when Tactimon stands upon the battlefield he has already guaranteed his absolute advantage.[2]

As one of the Three Head Officers, nicknamed by Blastmon as Tac-chan (タクちゃん Taku-chan?, lit. "little Tac"), Tactimon oversees the progress of MadLeomon, Neptunemon, AncientVolcanomon, Kongoumon, Matadormon and Grademon.

In the past, Tactimon's right hand warrior was Dorulumon, until his methods of dealing with the Magma Zone's inhabitants at the cost of his own soldiers caused Dorulumon to leave the group in disgust.

Tactimon formally introduces himself to the Fusion Fighters when they appear in the Magma Zone, overseeing the execution of both Mikey Kudo and former underling Dorulumon. However, Blue Flare's interference distracts Tactimon, overpowering MailBirdramon and Greymon before they and Christopher Aonuma fall back, long enough for the Fusion Fighters to defeat AncientVolcanomon and claim the Zone's Code Crown.

He next appears in the Jungle Zone, to check on Kongoumon's progress in invading the Zone. He originally considered about giving Kongoumon "a severe punishment" for his "inneptitude" in invading the Jungle Zone. However, since Kongoumon was "facing three humans with X Loaders", Tactimon decided to cut him a break. He sends Kongoumon to retrieve the Code Crown and the "Unbeatable Digimon".

Tactimon stays to face Mikey and the portion of the Xros Heart Digimon present. He manages to pummel Shoutmon X2 and is about to destroy him when Dorulumon tackles him, saving X2. Mikey proceeds to DigiXros Shoutmon X2 with Dorulumon, Beelzemon and the Star Sword (Starmon and the Pickmons) into Shoutmon X4B. Shoutmon X4B duels Tactimon, who ultimately retreats but not before stating that the next time they meet, he will face them with his full power (even noting in a state of impressed shock, that at his current level, he couldn't continue fighting X4B).

Back at Bagra Army HQ, Tactimon requests Bagramon to remove the seal on the Sword of Storms, as he believes he cannot defeat Xros Heart without using his sword's true power. Despite the challenge, Tactimon shows great excitement towards the battles that are to come.

Shortly after when Xros Heart gets the final unclaimed Code Crown fragment in the Sword Zone, with Blue Flare also there, Tactimon makes his move on his foes. He applauds Mikey for finding the final Code Crown fragment. He also states his pleasure that Kiriha is there too as it will allow him to deal with both armies at the same time. He then proceeds to challenge Xros Heart and Blue Flare to a final battle for their combined Code Crown fragments. He then deploys the Digimon Xros Tower which seals the Zone off completely as well as cracks and corrodes the earth's surface. He then emerges from the Tower stating "This shall be the place of our total battle!" He also states "I hardly invaded any Zones just to wait for this day."

He then immediately after attacks them. While the others manage to hide in a crevice, Zenjirou Tsurugi is blown back by the force of the attack's power. Mikey and Kiriha form Shoutmon X5 and DeckerGreymon to fight back. However Kiriha wants to have DeckerGreymon take on Tactimon alone, while Mikey states they should work together instead of separately as Tactimon is a powerful and dangerous opponent. This proves true as Tactimon proceeds to nearly hurtle DeckerGreymon onto Kiriha and Mikey as well as strike Shoutmon X5 with two rapid attacks before the later can even defend himself. Akari Hinomoto asks in shock how he can be so powerful by himself. Nene Amano meanwhile confirms that they can't use Zone Travel after using her X Loader to attempt so, thus they can't escape from the battle. She convinces Kiriha to put aside his pride and work together with Mikey to defeat Tactimon. Zenjirou shows up from wherever he was blown back to, looking relatively unscathed by the attack. X5 and DeckerGreymon launch a combined attack against Tactimon, however they do little to no damage against him. Tactimon states it was a good effort but not good enough to take him down. During his next attack, Tactimon reveals to Xros Heart and Blue Flare that his sword was so powerful that Bagramon sealed it. He then proceeds to reveal that the seal was recently removed by Bagramon himself. He also reveals that his sword has the power to corrupt the data of Digimon who were killed in the Digital World when he summons demonic undead warriors to attack. His next attack is so powerful that it breaks apart both X5 and DeckerGreymon into their most basic components respectively.

Despite having defeated both X5 and DeckerGreymon, Tactimon acknowledges the armies to be worthy opponents and praises that they made him unseal his sword.

By stealing the alliance's fragments as they begin to reunite, while fending off Shoutmon X5 and DeckerGreymon. However, with help from Grademon's interference, Shoutmon X5B and Greymon[citation needed] manage to blast Tactimon away. When Bagramon uses his "Choujigen Storm" to steal the completed Code Crown, Tactimon is swept away into the Human World alongside Taiki, Akari, Zenjirou, and Shoutmon. Bent on revenge, Tactimon begins rampaging and takes Akari and Zenjirou captive in order to demand Taiki's X Loader. However, the tables are turned when Shoutmon digivolves to OmniShoutmon and destroys him. His blade, the Sword of Storms, remains behind and sinks into Tokyo Bay, where it is eventually used by Bagramon as part of the D5 plan.

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  • Earth Shaker (壱の太刀 Ichi-no-Tachi?, lit. "First Tachi"): Stabs the ground once with the Sword of Storms, generating an earthquake.
  • Tectonic Tremor (弐の太刀 Ni-no-Tachi?, lit. "Second Tachi")[3]: Stabs the ground twice with the Sword of Storms, awakening one hundred dead warriors.
  • Earth Hammer (参の太刀 San-no-Tachi?, lit. "Third Tachi"): Stabs the ground thrice with the Sword of Storms, collapsing the surrounding land with a shock wave.
  • San-no-Tachi Kai: Chitsuikaku (三の太刀・改・地鎚閣? lit. "Third Tachi Revision: Earth-hammering Tower"): Stabs the ground thrice with the Sword of Storms, exploding the surrounding land.
  • Ultimate Tactic (死の太刀 Shi-no-Tachi?, lit. "Death Tachi")[4]: Coalesces all of his energy into the Sword of Storms and slashes downward.
  • Go-no-Tachi: Goryounaku (悟の太刀・五稜郭? lit. "Englightenment Tachi: Five-sided Fortification")[5]: Slashes with the Sword of Storms five times, generating deadly shockwaves.
  • Mu-no-Tachi: Rikudourin'ne (無の太刀・六道輪廻? lit. "Nothingness Tachi: Six-realms Saṃsāra")[6]: Slashes with the Sword of Storms six times, generating a massive vortex.
  • Primary Tactic (タネガシマ Tanegashima?): Flips the gun-muzzles on his back at the opponent, then fires an immense destructive blast.
  • Penetrating Blast (鬼神突 Kishintotsu?, lit. "Wild God's Thrust"): Thrusts the Sword of Storms at the opponent with incredible force.
  • Hoshiwari (星割り? lit. "Star Splitter")
  • Tenshukaku (天守閣? lit. "Castle Keep"): Thrusts the Sword of Storms into the ground, creating a small mountain range.


XW-17 09 01

The unsealed "Sword of Storms"

Notes and references

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