swimmer (Totsuka?) Senior Sagomon** students Tagiru Yuu Taiki Gumdramon MetalTyrannomon --Ballistamon --Sparrowmon --Monitamons --Nene Shoutmon --Dorulumon --Kiriha --Greymon --Cutemon --Pickmons --Starmon --Dondokomon some chick in the computer lab (asami?) Clockman Clockmon Ryouma Astamon Yuu's hoes: Mari and ??? some other dudes: schoolbreaker!, ??? Arresterdramon Airu Ren Arresterdramon + MetalTyrannomon—Spin Caliber OmegaShoutmon Dorulumon OmegaShoutmon + Dorulu Cannon—Dorulu Cannon

Gumdramon > Arresterdramon Arresterdramon + MetalTyrannomon > Arresterdramon + MetalTyrannomon Shoutmon > OmegaShoutmon OmegaShoutmon + Dorulumon > OmegaShoutmon + Dorulu Cannon

revise Omegamon per Ophanimon Hunter rules minibook

Digital Monster Hunters

X Loader uses captured Digimon

  1. You can only Reload one Digimon at a time. The Hunter can only use one Digimon among those he possesses for battling. He can switch among them, but when he does, the Digimon he brought out before will return to the X Loader.
  2. A Hunter can choose one of the Digimon in his X Loader to DigiXros with the Digimon he's currently using to battle.

did Arresterdramon degenerate?

Wisemon made the machine

Tagiru: Gumdramon, MetalTyrannomon, Sagomon Taiki: Shoutmon, Dorulumon, Ballistamon, Cutemon, Starmon, Pickmons Ren: Dracmon Yuu Airu: Opossumon Ryouma: Astamon

Digimon Information Corner:

G: Shoutmon! The Digimon King! It's super famous! Tag: Its Special Move is Soul Crusher! It hits you with the fierce scream of its soul! Tai: Now DigiXros with MetalTyrannomon! DigiXros! MetalShoutmon! It plays nothing but heavy metal! Listen to the shouting of its soul! Tag: It's just shouting...