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Tankdramon is a Machine Digimon whose name and design are derived from "Tank Dramon". It functions as the riot-suppression and assault-extermination for the mechanized "D-Brigade". It specializes in the extermination of hordes of "Targets", and it boasts overwhelming firepower. It is equipped with radar which is able to lock onto thirty "Targets" simultaneously, and if one Tankdramon supplements its "Targets" by data-linking to other Tankdramon, it is said to be impossible to escape. Also, its mission survival rate is very high, and it is said that so far only one has ever been shot down during a sortie[2] in an operation to eliminate a "target" designated "Codename: BAN-TYO"; that Tankdramon is said to have been retrieved by the D-Brigade, and digivolved to Darkdramon at their research facility.[3] The text on its glacis plate reads "R" and "L".

Digimon Next

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  • Striver Cannon: Fires a shell loaded with a mini-nuke from its Striver Cannon, reducing everything within a 30 km radius to scorched earth.
  • Blast Gatling: Uses the Blast Gatling beside the Striver Cannon in close-combat, letting it fire all 3600 bullets in a second.

Notes and references

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