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Teki Chara Song File (好敵手 キャラソングファイル Enemy Character Song File) is an album from Digimon Adventure. This CD contains image songs and music themes for villains from Adventure.

Chara teki song file.jpg
Front Cover
Chara teki song file b.jpg
Back Cover

CD Data

Catalog Number NECA-30023
Format CDA
Release Date May 24, 2000
Price ¥ 2,600

Track listing

# Title Artist Length
1. "Etemon no Saikyou Kime Serifu"
(エテモンの最強決めセリフ Etemon's Determined Strongest Words)
Original Karaoke 0:07
2. "Love Serenade~Etemon no Theme~"
Yasunori Masutani
3. "Gotsumon & Pumpmon no Jibun Katte Serifu"
(ゴツモン&パンプモンの自分勝手セリフ Pumpmon & Gotsumon's Selfish Word's)
Original Karaoke 0:06
4. "Let's Gotsumon, Pumpmon~Gotsumon to Pumpmon no Theme~"
( レッツゴツモン、パンプモン~ゴツモン&パンプモンのテーマ~)
Yuu Sugimoto & Haruhi Terada
(Gotsumon & Pumpmon)
5. "Pinocchimon no Ousama Serifu"
(ピノッキモンの王様セリフ Pinocchimon's Royal Words)
Original Karaoke 0:06
6. "Haguruma Jikake no Mori~Pinocchimon no Theme~"
(歯車じかけの森~ピノッキモンのテーマ~ The Forest with Gear Mechanisms ~Pinocchimon's Theme~)
Etsuko Kozakura
7. "Ogremon no Oresama Serifu"
(オーガモンの俺様セリフ Ogremon's Personal Words)
Original Karaoke 0:06
8. "Ore wa Ogremon~Ogremon no Theme~"
(俺はオーガモン~オーガモンのテーマ~ I am Ogremon ~Ogremon's Theme~)
Hisao Egawa
9. "Sukamon to Chuumon no Shuchou Serifu"
(スカモン&チューモンの主張セリフ Sukamon & Chuumon's Claim Dialogue)
Original Karaoke 0:22
10. "Chichin Puipui Unchi Poipoi~Sukamon to Chuumon no Theme~"
(ちちんぷいぷい ウンチポイポイ~スカモン&チューモンのテーマ~ Wage immediately Puipui Unchipoipoi ~Sukamon & Chuumon's Theme~)
Motoko Kumai & Kappei Yamaguchi
(Sukamon & Chuumon)
11. "Devimon no Ankoku Serifu"
(デビモンの暗黒セリフ Devimon's Dark Lines)
Original Karaoke 0:08
12. "Dark Wing~Devimon no Theme~"
(Dark Wing~デビモンのテーマ~)
Kaneto Shiozawa

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