The Story of Tentomon
The Story of Tentomon Start Screen
Publisher(s) Fox Kids
Release date(s) 2000
Mode(s) Single
Platform(s) Flash
Input Mouse

Tentomon: The Unauthorized Biography was a Digimon Flash game created to promote Digimon Adventure on the now defunct website. It talks about how Tentomon became a member of the DigiDestined.


In the Digital World, a group of Pabumon ask Tentomon to tell them a story. Tentomon decides to tell them the story of how he became a member of the DigiDestined. It all began when he was just a Pabumon. While the Pabumon were sleeping, an evil Ogremon goes into their village and steals all their food.

After learning that all their food were stolen, the Pabumon know that Ogremon must be stopped. One of the Pabumon decides to look for Ogremon, so he goes into the forest, where the player helps him find Ogremon. After he finds Ogremon, Pabumon is suddenly terrified, but he knows that he made a promise that he'll get rid of Ogremon. So he digivolves to Motimon and defeats Ogremon using Bubble Blow.

When Motimon returns to the village, the Pabumon are surprised to see their fellow villager digivolve, and they imagine what they want to digivolve to. The player clicks on each Pabumon to see what they're imagining. But no matter how hard they try, they can't digivolve. Motimon tries to cheer them up by digivolving to Tentomon, which scares the Pabumon and they run away.


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