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BATTLE12: The City of Light, Light City!
(Hikari no Machi Raito Shiti!)
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In the Real World, Tooru tries to lecture others on the sanctity of Digimon, only to be rebuffed. There isn't much he can do alone, abandoned by his friends. In the Digital World, the Tamers are attacked by Mummymon on his Battle Armament Trailmon. GeoGreymon disables the opposing Trailmon, only to watch as the Commandments' air force, consisting of Waspmon, CannonBeemon, Bommon, and Missimon, bombard Light City from above. Norn tries to stop the attack, but Barbamon won't listen, sending forth Zanbamon, one of his Three Commanders instead. Tsurugi and the others opt to take an underground railroad, but Missimon and Bommon attack while GeoGreymon holds them off. Trailmon then reveals his Battle From and proceeds to help in the defense.

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