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BATTLE22: The Demon Lord Barbamon!
(Maou Barubamon!)
Release date (Ja:)


RizeGreymon has digivolved to VictoryGreymon, but Tsurugi can feel that their hearts are no longer connected. As the System World changes to accommodate the damage done to it, Norn explains to Tsurugi and Yuu that the Digimon Twin devices allowed their Digimon to digivolve to Mega. However, when the boys move to attack Barbamon, their Digimon fail to respond. At this, Barbamon laughs, smugly retorting that VictoryGreymon and ZeedGarurumon are Arbitrators whose duty is to terminate Yggdrasill if it was ever corrupted. Norn begins to explain just how Yggdrasill fell: it decided to investigate the relationship between Digimon and Tamers, so it sent its conscience to the Real World in the form of Norn herself. Meanwhile, Barbamon managed to reach Yggdrasill's sanctum in the System World, where he proposed a revolt against the Human World: with no conscience, Yggdrasill agreed and fused with Barbamon.

Barbamon summons the Dark Area to the Digital World and steal Peckmon's Bird DigiMemory. Tsurugi wants to fight, but VictoryGreymon still won't respond. Norn continues to explain that, as an Arbitrator, VictoryGreymon will never respond to Tsurugi so long as his Digisoul is consumed with fury. In response, Tsurugi focuses on his reason for fighting Barbamon—to protect the world and all its people—and finally reaches VictoryGreymon. The now-active Arbitrator swiftly terminates Barbamon, only for the demon lord's collected DigiMemories manage to awaken the incomplete NEO.

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