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BATTLE13: The Other Sage!
(Mou Hitori no Kenja!)
Release date (Ja:)


After heading underground, Zanbamon stops the group. Tsurugi and Agumon stay behind to hold off Zanbamon, who allows the other to pass as he plays with the two. Zanbamon breaks through GeoGreymon's attack easily and forces him to dedigivolve back to Koromon. Tsurugi doesn't give up, attempting to stop Zanbamon himself, and is saved when part the roof collapses from Zanbamon's previous attack, sticking him and Koromon on one side of it and Zanbamon on the other. Meanwhile, the others on Trailmon are surprised by Mummymon and his squad; they shoot Trailmon full of holes, and he barely survives to take them to the station, after which he dies. Enraged by this, Yuu emits a Dark Digisoul which digivolves Gaomon into a black Gaogamon, who proceeds to tear apart the Commandments' forces. When Tsurugi arrives, there is nothing left of the enemy and Gaogamon has reverted to Wanyamon. They reach the surface, only to find that Light City has been decimated—except Andromon finds them.

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Humans Fresh In-Training Rookie Champion Ultimate Mega



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