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The Power Drain: The Hunters of Honey Land
(Pawā ga Suwareru! Hanī Rando no Kariudo-tachi)
"Power is Being Sucked Up! The Hunters of Honey Land"
Airdate (Ja:) May 1, 2011
(En:) March 22, 2015
Toei Animation


The Fusion Fighters United Army enter Honey Land, which at first glances seems to be a peaceful place, but it is not long before they comes across former Jungle Zone residents drained of their energy. They then come to Lilamon's aid as she is being attacked by Honeybeemon and Ignitemon. The Dark General Zamielmon, who appears to be a tiny wood spirit, makes an appearance then and orders his Digimon to attack. Ignitemon paralyzes the Digimon with sound waves as the Honeybeemons drain DigiHoney from them, but Mervamon intervenes. Zamielmon retreats, having gotten the DigiHoney he came for, and partakes in its bounty once safe. Ignitemon shows concern for the residents, but he is threatened into silence as GrandisKuwagamon brings news of the United Army's arrival. Mervamon, on the other hand, welcomes the United Army to the resistance base, where they find Stingmon. Unfortunately, the Digimon within are without energy, as Zamielmon drains them of their power until they are near death, allows them to recover, and then repeats the process. The United Army's arrival breathes new hope into them however, with Mervamon offering them nourishment and then proposing a direct charge on Zamielmon's Castle. Mervamon attacks directly, with Christopher heading off on his own due to personality clash and the other members of the United Army backing her up. Ignitemon then blocks their way, revealing that he and Mervamon are siblings. Zamielmon takes the stage at that point and uses his small size to easily evade attacks. Brother and sister then face off, while Zamielmon stacks the odds on his side by force digifusing his other subordinates into GrandisKuwagamon Honeybee Mode. GrandisKuwagamon and Ignitemon corner Mervamon, and Nene realizes that Mervamon still loves her brother in spite of resolve to fight him. It spurs her into action, wherein she takes Ignitemon out of the direct action and then digifuses Mervamon and Sparrowmon into JetMervamon, who takes out GrandisKuwagamon. Zamielmon retreats once more, while Ignitemon officially defects from the Bagra Army. Nene reveals that she intervened because she too has a brother, who she's currently looking for, and she and Mervamon come to an understanding. Meanwhile, Zamielmon plots to get revenge on those who betrayed him.

Featured Characters

(Numbers indicate order of appearance. Bolded characters are fought by the protagonist(s), and italicized characters feature non-explicitly, e.g. voice, silhouette, image.)

Humans In-Training Rookie Champion Ultimate Mega Armor Xros


6-35 Analyzer-01 JP

Honey Land
6-35 Analyzer-02 JP

6-35 Analyzer-03 JP

6-35 Analyzer-04 JP

6-35 Analyzer-05 JP
Wood-spirit General

6-35 Analyzer-06 JP

6-35 Analyzer-07 JP

6-35 Analyzer-08 JP

6-35 Analyzer-09 JP

GrandisKuwagamon Honey Mode
6-35 Analyzer-10 JP


Digimon Data Collection

DataCollection-LadyDevimon LadyDevimon
Type: Fallen Angel
Special Moves
Darkness Wave
LadyDevimon ddc
Monitamon 1: "LadyDevimon. She's a Fallen Angel-type Digimon. Her special attack is Darkness Wave, but how can she fly with those tattered wings?"
Monitamon 2: "Maybe they're tattered because she's rotten at flying!"
Monitamon 3: "She should get a sewing machine and fix them, ha ha ha ha!"

DataCollection-LadyDevimon LadyDevimon
Type: Fallen Angel
Special Moves
Darkness Wave
LadyDevimon ddc
Monitamon 1: "LadyDevimon. Its Special Move is Darkness Wave. How is it able to fly with those holes in its wings?"
Monitamon 2: "It must've gotten those holes in the first place because it sucks at flying!"
Monitamon 3: "It should get them fixed."


(Number indicates order of occurrence.)

GrandisKuwagamon 1 GrandisKuwagamon
Honeybee Mode
GrandisKuwagamon b Arrow R.png 6-35 Analyzer-09 JP
(w/ Honeybeemons)
Honeybeemons 1 GrandisKuwagamon
Honeybee Mode
Honeybeemon t Arrow R.png 6-35 Analyzer-09 JP
(w/ GrandisKuwagamon)
Mervamon 2 JetMervamon 3 Mervamon
Mervamon t Arrow R.png JetMervamon t Arrow R Red.png Mervamon t
(w/ Sparrowmon) + Sparrowmon
Sparrowmon 2 JetMervamon 3 Sparrowmon
Sparrowmon t Arrow R.png JetMervamon t Arrow R Red.png Sparrowmon t
(w/ Mervamon) + Mervamon


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Other notes

Dubbing changes

  • Mervamon's cleavage is covered up in the American English dub.

Digimon references

Real-world references

  • As Ballistamon is being drained by the HoneyBeemon, he sings the opening lines of Daisy Bell, with his voice slowing down, similar to HAL's final moments in 2001: A Space Odyssey