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V-Tamer 01
ch 53
List of Digimon Adventure V-Tamer 01 chapters 53
The Super Ultimate Is
(Choukyuukyokutai Arawaru)
Release date (Ja:) March 21, 2003
Written by Hiroshi Izawa
Art Ten'ya Yabuno

Before Taichi can finish him off, Neo uses the Digimental, digivolving Arukadhimon to Super Ultimate. To show off his new power, Arukadhimon uses "God Matrix", which deletes a large area turning it into zeros and ones. Knowing they can't win, Taichi orders Zero to use "Dragon Impulse" as a last resort, knowing the consequences. However, though the attack hits directly, it does not damage Arukadhimon at all. Though it does not work, Zero continues to attack with "Dragon Impulse. Eventually, the strain of the attacks is too much for Zero and his body explodes". Even though it seems hopeless, the data that remained from Zero starts to go back to where he exploded.

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