Timemon t
Appears in:Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters
First appearance "A Message through "Time"—The Truth of the Appli Drive" [16]
Last appearance "An Artificial Intelligence's Dream [51] (Apperance)
"The Net Ocean is in a Big Pinch! The "Time" has Come, Ultimate App Fusion! [19] (Voice)
Voice actor(s):(Ja:) Kenta Miyake
Partner(s):Haru Shinkai
App Fusion Partner (+ DoGatchmon)
App Fusion Partner (+ Charismon)

Timemon is the Appmon of the Timeslip App.


Main article: Timemon#Design




Timemon was responsible for taking team Haru, and their Appmon, back in time to reveal that Leviathan was originally created by Haru Shinkai's grandfather Den'emon Shinkai. He then challenged DoGatchmon to a fight to see if he could make it to the Ultimale Level, but he easily defeated him by freezing time, punching him 3 times, and having 5 cups of his afternoon tea. A Message through "Time"—The Truth of the Appli Drive

Later on, he managed to show up in time to help Haru and DoGatchmon defeat an army of Virusmon, who have already infected Musimon. He then gives his chip to Haru, enabling the two to combine, then search for, and wipe out all existing Virusmon roaming around Earth. The Net Ocean is in a Big Pinch! The "Time" has Come, Ultimate App Fusion!


Ultimate Time

Other Forms

App Fusions

Notes and references

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