Tinkermon b
Level Rookie
Type Fairy
Attribute Virus

Tinkermon is a Fairy Digimon whose name and design are derived from the fictional Tinker Bell. It is always snuggling up to Petermon, and it does its best to work with Petermon in building "Never-Ever Land", a world of children. It bounces around in the best of moods when it is with Petermon, but if it's ignored then it will angrily strike Petermon and then fly off somewhere. After that, it is happy to come looking for Petermon and meekly receive pampering. Tinkermon's wings shine, and because there is a change in the strength of the radiance when it is tense, looking at the wings' radiance is considered a good way to suss out Tinkermon's mood. It applies a paralytic nail polish to its sharply pointed, poisoned lance and nails, and if one mocks its tiny appearance, they'll suffer a massive retaliation.[1]


  • Speed Nightmare: Drags the opponent into a nightmare with a fast-acting hallucinogen from its poisoned lance.
  • Nightmare Pandemic: Controls its paralyzing effect from just a section to the whole body by increasing the number of nails it stings with.
  • Fairy Powder: Scatters a powder from its wings that has the ability to change about half of those it covers into babies.
  • Petermon Syndrome: Makes the infantilized opponents give into Petermon's temptations and leads them to Never-Ever Land.

Notes and References