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Total Digimon

Total Digimon (full title "Pojo's unofficial Total Digimon - the complete player and collector's guide to every card and character") is a Digimon guide created by Pojo and published by Triumph books.

The book, which is around 112 pages long, is a detailed guide to all the different aspects of the Digimon Adventure series and was originally sold in the United States for $12.95. Like most of the Digimon books it has been out of print for years but can still be found and bought on-line second hand from different retailers.

Book Blurb

The Ultimate player and collector's guide. Total Digimon is the best source for Digimon trading cards. Everything a Digimon player and collector needs is included such as: Full colour photos, values and checklists, values for Digi-battles card game, Upper deck and ultimate chase cards, Hot strategy tips for trading card games, Leastest Digimon products to collect and A guided tour through the television series.


  • Digi-news - Latest news about Digimon merchandise.
  • Digi-Web - Links and reviews of Digimon websites:, Upper Deck, Geocities's Big Digimon, Bandai and All4fun toys.
  • Meet the Digimon - A guide to each child and their Digimon's forms.
  • Information about the Digi-battle card game.
  • Information about the Digimon tamagotchis.
  • A full episode guide for all 54 episode of Digimon Adventure.
  • A review of the three Digimon films.
  • Digi-Mall - A look into diffrent Digimon toys and other merchandise.
  • Information about all the Digimon cards and their prices.
  • Information about the "Animated series edition" Digimon cards.
  • A Digimon word search
  • A game to guess Digimon from toes.
  • A game to find a Digimon's name from scrambled letters/
  • A Digimon maze.
  • The answers pages.


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