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Title:Yaseīnushinigami (野生犬死神)
Appears in:the afternoon
Voice actor(s):(En:) Jeeves
Digivolves from:CollegeStudentmon
Digivolves to:Retireemon
Family(s):Metal Empire
Wind Guardians




  • First off: I abhor those who knowingly pass of mistruths as facts.
  • Education: Bachelor in Aerospace Engineering with focus on Controls Analysis and Propulsion for satellites and other space-based systems. Minoring in Astrophysics.
  • Likes: Digimon, Pokemon, Transformers, The Legend of Zelda, Mega Man, Metroid, Final Fantasy, Devil May Cry, Harry Potter, South Park, Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean, Family, Children, Sleeping, Animals, Plants
  • Religion: Modified Roman Catholicism, some Episcopalianism. Some basis on the writings of C.S. Lewis. Also, while I am zealously Christian, and very much a literalist, I haven't found the passage that says that one who does not consider themself in words to be a Christian, but who embraces Love, Truth, etc., actually rejects God. Stuff like that.
  • Pets: Previously - Megan (Russian Blue), Ginny (German Shepherd), Dione (Venus Flytrap), Scylla (wild Praying Mantis), Charybdis (wild Praying Mantis), Bran (Shibunken), Tevye (Fiddler crab). Currently - Damien (Goldfish), Maxwell (Tabby), Laplace (Bombay), Mouse (Russian Blue), Tesla (Bombay).([1])
  • Dislikes: Moral relativists, Vandals.
  • Online friends: I usually don't get along with people online, but there's a few people that have just been so overwhelmingly smart, competent, and friendly that I've just got to give a shout out. If you're not on this list, you're still awesome, but these guys are just way over the top:

Digimon Merchandise

A lot. Interested in trades or sales, so drop me a ring.

When they make a Duskmon + Velgrmon Hybrid, it HAS to be named Grendelmon.

Any variant not named Grendelmon is wrong, plain and simple.


"The Devil Went Down to Georgia" "One Jump Ahead" "Never Had a Friend Like Me"
160px 160px 160px
"All My Best Friends are Metalheads" "Kick It Up!" "When You're Evil"
160px 160px 160px
"Darkness in my Heart" "Winterborn" "Black Parade"
Digimon Kouichi - Darkness In My Heart01:32

Digimon Kouichi - Darkness In My Heart

<youtube width="160" height="120">Z1XJBmQ0lns</youtube> 160px
"You're Gonna Go Far, Kid" "Whispers in the Dark" "The Hell Song"
<youtube width="160" height="120">xtKOEPlIqRQ</youtube> 160px <youtube width="160" height="120">bUnfKsrfMiI</youtube>


Yes, I realize they're nearly all Nightmare Soldiers. It's not my fault the cool ones are all evil. In fact, it's your fault. That's right, you. Thanks a lot buddy, for making the path of evil so attractive to humanity. Are you proud of yourself?

Fresh In-Training Rookie Champion Ultimate Mega
Kuramon b Tsumemon b Keramon b
Dracmon b
Chrysalimon b
Sangloupmon b
Infermon b
Matadormon b
Armageddemon b
GranDracmon b
MetalKoromon b Kapurimon b Tyutyumon b
Kokuwamon b
Damemon b
BladeKuwagamon b
Tuwarmon b
MetallifeKuwagamon b
6-47 Analyzer-07 JP
TigerVespamon b
Zurumon b Pagumon b Kudamon b
Syakomon b
DemiDevimon b
Reppamon b
Gesomon b
Devidramon b
Kyukimon Bo-785 (DM)
MarineDevimon b
Mephistomon b
SlushAngemon b
Leviamon b
Gulfmon b
Kiimon t Yaamon t Impmon b Wizardmon b Wisemon b
Reapmon b
Myotismon b
AncientWisetmon b
Beelzemon b
MaloMyotismon b
Mokumon b DemiMeramon b Candlemon b Bakemon b Pumpkinmon b Ghoulmon b
Paomon b Xiaomon b Labramon b Dobermon b Cerberumon b
Cerberumon Werewolf Mode b
Anubismon b
Plutomon b


Note: Make into userboxes somehow.

Seven Great Demon Lords
Leviamon b
Laylamon b Daemon b
Lucemon Chaos Mode b
Beelzemon b Belphemon Rage Mode b
Barbamon b
Ogudomon b Belphemon Sleep Mode b
Lucemon Shadowlord Mode b
Royal Knights
Examon b UlforceVeedramon b Craniamon b
Gallantmon b Kentaurosmon b
Crusadermon b Imperialdramon Paladin Mode b Leopardmon b
Gankoomon b Alphamon b Dynasmon b
Magnamon b Omnimon b Jesmon b
Deva and Four Holy Beasts
Vikaralamon b Kumbhiramon b Vajramon b
Caturamon b Ebonwumon b Mihiramon b
Sinduramon b Baihumon b Huanglongmon b Azulongmon b Antylamon (Data) b
Makuramon b Zhuqiaomon b Majiramon b
Pajiramon b Indramon b Sandiramon b
Warrior Ten
AncientSphinxmon b
AncientWisetmon b AncientTroiamon b
AncientMermaimon b AncientVolcanomon b
AncientMegatheriummon b AncientBeetlemon b
AncientGarurumon b AncientKazemon b
AncientGreymon b

Yggdrasill 7D6 b
Cherubimon (Good) b Seraphimon b
Ophanimon b
ClavisAngemon Bx-162 (DM) Dominimon v
SlushAngemon b
MagnaAngemon b Blank
Angemon b
Lucemon b

Cherubimon (Evil) b ShadowSeraphimon t
Ophanimon Falldown Mode b
Blank Blank
Murmukusmon b Blank
Devimon b
Lucemon Chaos Mode b

Olympos XII
Jupitermon Wrath Mode b
Neptunemon b Jupitermon b Junomon b Ceresmon b Junomon Hysteric Mode b
Vulcanusmon b
Titamon b
Venusmon b
Apollomon b
Plutomon b
Ceresmon Medium b Dianamon b
Bacchusmon Deisui Mode b
Bacchusmon b
Merukimon b Marsmon b Minervamon b Mervamon b
Aegiomon b
Aegiochusmon b
Aegiochusmon Green b
Aegiochusmon Blue b
Aegiochusmon Dark b
Aegiochusmon Holy b
Four Great Dragons
Azulongmon b Goldramon b
Examon b
Magnadramon b Megidramon b
Dark Masters
Puppetmon b
Machinedramon b Apocalymon b MetalSeadramon b
Piedmon b
Big Death-Stars
Big Death-stars/Death Generals
Zamielmon b
Splashmon b
NeoMyotismon b MusoKnightmon b Olegmon b
Tactimon b Bagramon b Laylamon b
Dorbickmon b Blastmon b Gravimon b
Apollomon b


Daemon Corps
Daemon b
SkullSatamon b LadyDevimon b MarineDevimon b
Kowloon Co.
SkullBaluchimon b GranDracmon b Spinomon b
WaruSeadramon b Samudramon b Merukimon b
Bagra Army
Lucemon Chaos Mode b Blank SkullScorpionmon b Neptunemon b
Blank Blank Kongoumon b Blank
Blank AncientVolcanomon b IceDevimon b MadLeomon b
Champion Ultimate Mega Super-Ultimate
ADR-01 t
ADR-02 t ADR-03 t
ADR-04 t ADR-05 t
ADR-06 t
ADR-07 t
ADR-08 t
ADR-09 t Mother D-Reaper t
Reaper t

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