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Title:Yaseīnushinigami (野生犬死神)
Appears in:the afternoon
Voice actor(s):(En:) Jeeves
Digivolves from:CollegeStudentmon
Digivolves to:Retireemon
Family(s):Metal Empire
Wind Guardians




  • First off: I abhor those who knowingly pass of mistruths as facts.
  • Education: Bachelor in Aerospace Engineering with focus on Controls Analysis and Propulsion for satellites and other space-based systems. Minoring in Astrophysics.
  • Likes: Digimon, Pokemon, Transformers, The Legend of Zelda, Mega Man, Metroid, Final Fantasy, Devil May Cry, Harry Potter, South Park, Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean, Family, Children, Sleeping, Animals, Plants
  • Religion: Modified Roman Catholicism, some Episcopalianism. Some basis on the writings of C.S. Lewis. Also, while I am zealously Christian, and very much a literalist, I haven't found the passage that says that one who does not consider themself in words to be a Christian, but who embraces Love, Truth, etc., actually rejects God. Stuff like that.
  • Pets: Previously - Megan (Russian Blue), Ginny (German Shepherd), Dione (Venus Flytrap), Scylla (wild Praying Mantis), Charybdis (wild Praying Mantis), Bran (Shibunken), Tevye (Fiddler crab). Currently - Damien (Goldfish), Maxwell (Tabby), Laplace (Bombay), Mouse (Russian Blue), Tesla (Bombay).([1])
  • Dislikes: Moral relativists, Vandals.
  • Online friends: I usually don't get along with people online, but there's a few people that have just been so overwhelmingly smart, competent, and friendly that I've just got to give a shout out. If you're not on this list, you're still awesome, but these guys are just way over the top:

Digimon Merchandise

A lot. Interested in trades or sales, so drop me a ring.

When they make a Duskmon + Velgrmon Hybrid, it HAS to be named Grendelmon.

Any variant not named Grendelmon is wrong, plain and simple.


"The Devil Went Down to Georgia" "One Jump Ahead" "Never Had a Friend Like Me"
160px 160px 160px
"All My Best Friends are Metalheads" "Kick It Up!" "When You're Evil"
160px 160px 160px
"Darkness in my Heart" "Winterborn" "Black Parade"
Digimon Kouichi - Darkness In My Heart01:32

Digimon Kouichi - Darkness In My Heart

<youtube width="160" height="120">Z1XJBmQ0lns</youtube> 160px
"You're Gonna Go Far, Kid" "Whispers in the Dark" "The Hell Song"
<youtube width="160" height="120">xtKOEPlIqRQ</youtube> 160px <youtube width="160" height="120">bUnfKsrfMiI</youtube>


Yes, I realize they're nearly all Nightmare Soldiers. It's not my fault the cool ones are all evil. In fact, it's your fault. That's right, you. Thanks a lot buddy, for making the path of evil so attractive to humanity. Are you proud of yourself?

Fresh In-Training Rookie Champion Ultimate Mega
Kuramon b Tsumemon b Keramon b
Dracmon b
Chrysalimon b
Sangloupmon b
Infermon b
Matadormon b
Armageddemon b
GranDracmon b
MetalKoromon b Kapurimon b Tyutyumon b
Kokuwamon b
Damemon b
BladeKuwagamon b
Tuwarmon b
MetallifeKuwagamon b
6-47 Analyzer-07 JP
TigerVespamon b
Zurumon b Pagumon b Kudamon b
Syakomon b
DemiDevimon b
Reppamon b
Gesomon b
Devidramon b
Kyukimon Bo-785 (DM)
MarineDevimon b
Mephistomon b
SlushAngemon b
Leviamon b
Gulfmon b
Kiimon t Yaamon t Impmon b Wizardmon b Wisemon b
Reapmon b
Myotismon b
AncientWisetmon b
Beelzemon b
MaloMyotismon b
Mokumon b DemiMeramon b Candlemon b Bakemon b Pumpkinmon b Ghoulmon b
Paomon b Xiaomon b Labramon b Dobermon b Cerberumon b
Cerberumon Werewolf Mode b
Anubismon b
Plutomon b

Leomon is ridiculous

Fresh In-Training Rookie Champion Ultimate Mega 1 Mega 2 Mega 3 Mega 4
Punimon b[1] Tsunomon b[2] Elecmon b[3] Leomon b[4] GrapLeomon b[5] SaberLeomon b[5] Dinotigermon b[6] BanchoLeomon b[7] Marsmon b[7]
  1. From Digi-Egg.
  2. Digimon Adventure, "The Ultimate Clash" [45]
  3. Digimon Reference Book: Elecmon: "A Mammal Digimon that retained Tunomon's mammal-like elements and evolved."
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  5. 5.0 5.1 St-673: 60% Winning Percentage!
  6. Digimon Reference Book: Dinotigermon: "It is an Ancient Beast Digimon which took in the metal elements of the earth, super-hardened its whole body, and evolved from one of the few SaberLeomon which have repeated and survived endless battles, where the weak are food for the strong"
  7. 7.0 7.1 Digimon Masters


Note: Make into userboxes somehow.

Seven Great Demon Lords
Leviamon b
Laylamon b Daemon b
Lucemon Chaos Mode b
Beelzemon b Belphemon Rage Mode b
Barbamon b
Ogudomon b Belphemon Sleep Mode b
Lucemon Shadowlord Mode b
Royal Knights
Examon b UlforceVeedramon b Craniamon b
Gallantmon b Kentaurosmon b
Crusadermon b Imperialdramon Paladin Mode b Leopardmon b
Gankoomon b Alphamon b Dynasmon b
Magnamon b Omnimon b Jesmon b
Deva and Four Holy Beasts
Vikaralamon b Kumbhiramon b Vajramon b
Caturamon b Ebonwumon b Mihiramon b
Sinduramon b Baihumon b Huanglongmon b Azulongmon b Antylamon (Data) b
Makuramon b Zhuqiaomon b Majiramon b
Pajiramon b Indramon b Sandiramon b
Warrior Ten
AncientSphinxmon b
AncientWisetmon b AncientTroiamon b
AncientMermaimon b AncientVolcanomon b
AncientMegatheriummon b AncientBeetlemon b
AncientGarurumon b AncientKazemon b
AncientGreymon b

Yggdrasill 7D6 b
Cherubimon (Good) b Seraphimon b
Ophanimon b
ClavisAngemon Bx-162 (DM) Dominimon v
SlushAngemon b
MagnaAngemon b Blank
Angemon b
Lucemon b

Cherubimon (Evil) b ShadowSeraphimon t
Ophanimon Falldown Mode b
Blank Blank
Murmukusmon b Blank
Devimon b
Lucemon Chaos Mode b

Olympos XII
Jupitermon Wrath Mode b
Neptunemon b Jupitermon b Junomon b Ceresmon b Junomon Hysteric Mode b
Vulcanusmon b
Titamon b
Venusmon b
Apollomon b
Plutomon b
Ceresmon Medium b Dianamon b
Bacchusmon Deisui Mode b
Bacchusmon b
Merukimon b Marsmon b Minervamon b Mervamon b
Aegiomon b
Aegiochusmon b
Aegiochusmon Green b
Aegiochusmon Blue b
Aegiochusmon Dark b
Aegiochusmon Holy b
Four Great Dragons
Azulongmon b Goldramon b
Examon b
Magnadramon b Megidramon b
Dark Masters
Puppetmon b
Machinedramon b Apocalymon b MetalSeadramon b
Piedmon b
Big Death-Stars
Big Death-stars/Death Generals
Zamielmon b
Splashmon b
NeoMyotismon b MusoKnightmon b Olegmon b
Tactimon b Bagramon b Laylamon b
Dorbickmon b Blastmon b Gravimon b
Apollomon b


Daemon Corps
Daemon b
SkullSatamon b LadyDevimon b MarineDevimon b
Kowloon Co.
SkullBaluchimon b GranDracmon b Spinomon b
WaruSeadramon b Samudramon b Merukimon b
Bagra Army
Lucemon Chaos Mode b Blank SkullScorpionmon b Neptunemon b
Blank Blank Kongoumon b Blank
Blank AncientVolcanomon b IceDevimon b MadLeomon b
Champion Ultimate Mega Super-Ultimate
ADR-01 t
ADR-02 t ADR-03 t
ADR-04 t ADR-05 t
ADR-06 t
ADR-07 t
ADR-08 t
ADR-09 t Mother D-Reaper t
Reaper t

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