• Aster Selene

    (I'm back...?)

    September 12, 2013 by Aster Selene

    Hi everyone. Sorry for just popping in here randomly throwing input into things after having been inactive for a while.

    I'm thinking of cleaning up that Fan section like I should have done a while back - school starts soon so I won't have a lot of time and can't make promises, but at least I need to put in a to-do list.

    • Clean up Relationships section
    • Definitely clean up Relationships section (example page?)
    • Possibly set up organization page for fan namespace (if there isn't one already? it's been a while)

    ...basically, everything I should have done years ago. Sorry, guys.

    Also, I recently bought Adventure PSP, so I'm thinking of filling in info I can find from it.

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  • Aster Selene

    This is to help speculate what'll happen in Xros we go.

    • At least one person/Digimon does a Heel Face Turn.
    • There is at least one Sixth Ranger.
    • That Digimon you're fighting now? There's someone behind him/her. That human you're fighting now? There's someone behind him/her.
    • Oh, the actual Digimon behind everything/everyone? ...He/She'll only be around for three episodes or so.
    • Leomon dies.
    • Some kind of ship tease.

    Any more you can think of? Comment...

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  • Aster Selene

    Hey, Toei!
    Guess what? Guess what?
    That was slick.

    New opening theme, "Never Give Up". Okay, it's actually "NEBA GIBA". Because the Japanese absolutely love Gratuitous English.

    Anyway, Kudou Taiki. Congratulations, you are the first leader of a Digimon team to have a katakana name! (Unless it's that way for Takuya's name, which I doubt, it's generally been that all of the leaders had their names in kanji.) I must say it's a little odd to see the name in katakana like that; then again it was pretty jarring to see Hikari and Takeru's names in katakana for me too. Whatever.

    Already in this season I can tell there is a very huge difference in proportions in comparison to the previous sea…

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  • Aster Selene
    1. Referring to Chosen Children/DigiDestined besides those of season 3 as "Tamers" (because they are not).
    2. Referring to the children of season 3 as Chosen Children/DigiDestined (because they are not).
    3. People referring to Adventure as "Digimon Adventure 01"
    4. People referring to 02 as "Digimon 02"
    5. People making a sequel-fanfic to 02, made far after 02 chronologically, and styling it "Digimon Adventure 03"
    6. People claiming Word Of God without actually citing any viable source
    7. People claiming Word of God...on ships (besides, you know, the blatantly obvious ones from 02)
    8. People claiming Discontinuity on either the Tamers movie or the Tamers drama CD (there is a compromise, people...)
    9. People refusing to acknowledge the existence of the supplemental material/dr…
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  • Aster Selene

    An observation...

    June 25, 2010 by Aster Selene

    It was December of 2007, when I was 12, when I got into Digimon. (It was probably thanks to that horrible Macekre on Jetix, back when it even was Jetix.) The one I got into most was Tamers at the time, which quickly switched to Frontier, and is now back at Adventure/02.

    I turn 15 tomorrow...what a long journey this has been from then until now.

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