1. Referring to Chosen Children/DigiDestined besides those of season 3 as "Tamers" (because they are not).
  2. Referring to the children of season 3 as Chosen Children/DigiDestined (because they are not).
  3. People referring to Adventure as "Digimon Adventure 01"
  4. People referring to 02 as "Digimon 02"
  5. People making a sequel-fanfic to 02, made far after 02 chronologically, and styling it "Digimon Adventure 03"
  6. People claiming Word Of God without actually citing any viable source
  7. People claiming Word of God...on ships (besides, you know, the blatantly obvious ones from 02)
  8. People claiming Discontinuity on either the Tamers movie or the Tamers drama CD (there is a compromise, people...)
  9. People refusing to acknowledge the existence of the supplemental material/drama CDs simply because it does not fit with their ships
  10. People hating on Ryou simply because they can't be bothered to do the research and thus complain that they have no idea who he is
  11. People who have excessive hate on any character in fact
  12. People who hate Savers specifically because of the lack of goggles (there's a list on reasons to hate Savers, but this is not one of them)
  13. People who don't do the research and believe that the show Takato watches is Digimon Adventure/02
  14. Anyone who causes Spell My Name With An S with Jian/Shaochung's names
  15. Me, because I'm being overly picky regarding this list, but I'm just annoyed by the constant problems listed above

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