REDO Best evil Digimon

This is a redo of a blog I posted a few months ago it wasn't that successful so I'm redoing it. COMMENT THIS TIME

My user blog name makes it pretty obvious lol but here's my list.


9. Daemon

8. Deaboramon

7. MetalSeadramon

6. Puppetmon

5. Machinedramon

4. Piedmon

3. Apocalamon

2. Devimon

1. Myotismon He was the most powerful no matter what anyone says he went BEYOND Mega as VenomMyotismon it even said in the anime and he's the only villain and Digimon to do it and I stopped after Adventure 2 I saw some of 3 when it but it was the first 2 eps and didn't watch any other bullshit seasons so don't post anything like where is this Digimon or that Digimon from that season because I only watched the first 2 BECAUSE THEY WERE THE BEST

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