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    DigiHeroes chapters 1-4

    June 11, 2012 by CANAMI

    Chapter 1. Into The Void.  “Beelzemon armor-“  “Fool your life is m-“  “l–wo–lo-.” Static.  In the Human World.  “Andy! Trish talk to your sister,” Max said.  “Max go aw-“  “Help m-. Ple-.” Static. Andy heard in her head.  “Andy, I’m sorry. Do-“  Static.  “Did an-“   Max thought to himself.  “Andy I’m sorry, you’re not crazy.”  “You’re actually right, I’m not. M-“  “Rumbling,” Trish screamed.  “An earthquake?” Max questioned.  The quaking was so severe that they fell. Houses crumbled, & Sirens was blazing.  “ANDY!” Both Max & Trish screamed as an electric pole fell.  “Wha-“Andy looked behind her & Saw a humanoid lion holding up the pole.

     “Hurry and move,” the lion roared.

     “Thanks,” all three of them moved away from the pole. The lion let …

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    D Academy

    June 10, 2012 by CANAMI
    • Noah: a 15 year old, male, African- American MMA, bald.

    Digimon: Gaomon, Bearmon, Karatemon. Digivice: D-watch, a blue watch that helps Noah in the DigiWorld.

    • Adam: A 16 year old, male, Native American, with hair the color of fire, wears nothing but black & red.

    Digimon: Agumon, BlackAgumon, Candlemon. Digivice: D-Psp, a game system with a fire design that helps Adam in the DigiWorld.

    • Key: A 15 year old, tanned, high school student, with blonde hair.

    Digimon: Guilmon, Dorumon, Monodramon. Digivice: D-cell, a yellow cell phone that helps Key in the DigiWorld.

    • JJ JR: An 18 year old white skateboarder, he has blonde hair & is Key’s older brother.

    Digimon: Commandramon, Hagurumon, Footmon. Digivice: D-pad, an army green I-pad that helps him out.

    • TX: a…
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    D Heroes

    June 1, 2012 by CANAMI


    "Run!" "No! I'm not Leaving" "No More Running ShadowPaldinmon is here." Read more >

    Dante Shining, age: 15, home: America. First Digimon Coronamon.

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