D Academy

CANAMI June 10, 2012 User blog:CANAMI
  • Noah: a 15 year old, male, African- American MMA, bald.

Digimon: Gaomon, Bearmon, Karatemon. Digivice: D-watch, a blue watch that helps Noah in the DigiWorld.

  • Adam: A 16 year old, male, Native American, with hair the color of fire, wears nothing but black & red.

Digimon: Agumon, BlackAgumon, Candlemon. Digivice: D-Psp, a game system with a fire design that helps Adam in the DigiWorld.

  • Key: A 15 year old, tanned, high school student, with blonde hair.

Digimon: Guilmon, Dorumon, Monodramon. Digivice: D-cell, a yellow cell phone that helps Key in the DigiWorld.

  • JJ JR: An 18 year old white skateboarder, he has blonde hair & is Key’s older brother.

Digimon: Commandramon, Hagurumon, Footmon. Digivice: D-pad, an army green I-pad that helps him out.

  • TX: a 16 year old, Native American, she has dark pink hair & is Adam’s twin sister.

Digimon: Cutemon, Lopmon, Terriermon. Digivice: D-pod, a brown & green I-pod that helps her.

  • Zoë: A 14 year old white, skateboarder, she has blonde hair with streaks of pink.

Digimon: Renamon, Salamon, Labramon. Digivice: D-tracker, a yellow GPS that helps her out.

  • Dan: A 14 year old African- American, high school senior, she has green hair & wears glasses.

Digimon: Palmon, Lalamon, Gotsumon. Digivice: D-glasses, a set of pink glasses that helps her out.

  • Mickey: A 17 years old, Latino girl with purple & green hair.

Digimon: Falcomon, Biyomon, Hyokomon. Digivice: D-monitor, a small heart, purple monitor that helps her out.

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