• Candescence

    Hey, peeps, Candescence here. I've been hanging around the wiki for a while, it's a good source of Digimon info. The fandom itself is not something I have been a 'part' of, I've been a fan a long time, though I've only recently gotten back into Digimon, and I haven't really approached any other Digimon community. Savers/Data Squad is now officially my favourite season, hands down, Masaru/Marcus is so, so badass.

    Anyway. I'm a fanfic writer, and, quite recently, I started writing a Digimon fanfic... That follows no particular series. Yes, an alternate universe fic featuring a new human cast, lots of rules and conventions being either played with or broken, and a new Digital World.

    What is this fic I speak of? Digimon: Another Time, Another Wor…

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