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  • Cherryblossomfan1234

    Digimon doesn't copy Pokemon. If you think it is , take a look! Sorry if this is a spam.

    Digimon Adventure - March 7, 1999

    Pokemon - April 1 , 1997

    First thing - Floramon and Kirlia

    Floramon make her debut in Digimon Adventure ( March 7 , 1999 ). Kirlia make her debut in May 7, 2014. Kirlia's hair looks like Floramon's helmet except colouration.

    Second thing - Mega Digivolution and Mega Evolution

    Mega Digivolution ( Digimon ) started in March 7, 1999 ( not sure ) . Mega Evolution ( Pokemon ) started in October 12, 2013 , they look similar because they use transformation items ( Crests and Mega Stones )

    Third thing - Crests and Mega Stones

    Crests started in March 7, 1999. Mega Stones started in October 12, 2013, they look similar because they are transform…

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  • Cherryblossomfan1234

    Here I made some Digimon Icons to use on talk pages, blog, etc...

    To use them click the photo button and type the name of the icon. Sorry if this is a glitch or spam. Photos are from the Digimon Anime. This is mine. Please make them smaller if they're big.

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