Digimon doesn't copy Pokemon. If you think it is , take a look! Sorry if this is a spam.

Digimon Adventure - March 7, 1999

Pokemon - April 1 , 1997

First thing - Floramon and Kirlia

Floramon make her debut in Digimon Adventure ( March 7 , 1999 ). Kirlia make her debut in May 7, 2014. Kirlia's hair looks like Floramon's helmet except colouration.

Second thing - Mega Digivolution and Mega Evolution

Mega Digivolution ( Digimon ) started in March 7, 1999 ( not sure ) . Mega Evolution ( Pokemon ) started in October 12, 2013 , they look similar because they use transformation items ( Crests and Mega Stones )

Third thing - Crests and Mega Stones

Crests started in March 7, 1999. Mega Stones started in October 12, 2013, they look similar because they are transformation items.

Fourth thing - Swanmon and Swanna

Swanmon made her debut in June 18, 2000. Swanna made its debut in September 18, 2012. They look similar because they are swans, have white feathers and look lovely.

If you say Digimon copied Pokemon, think of Pokemon itself.

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