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April 13, 2013
  • Chimera-gui

    While I've been developing ideas for a tabletop style RPG using Digimon as the basis, I've been thinking about something relating to Fusion/Xros Wars.

    Both Shoutmon X2 and Shoutmon + Drill Cannon's entries in the reference book mention that both Ballistamon's Enhanced-armor Mode & Dorulumon's Bombardment Mode need another Digimon to operate them but neither explicitly say that only Shoutmon specifically can operate them. The entries for Cyberdramon's Heavy-weapon Mode, Sparrowmon's Machspeed-cruiser Mode, Starmon and the Pickmons'various weapon modes don't say anything about a specific Digimon being the only one able to operate them either and while Axemon's Pulverization-armament Mode does mention SkullKnightmon, it's only in the sense tha…

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