Digimon Enhancement Modes

While I've been developing ideas for a tabletop style RPG using Digimon as the basis, I've been thinking about something relating to Fusion/Xros Wars.

Both Shoutmon X2 and Shoutmon + Drill Cannon's entries in the reference book mention that both Ballistamon's Enhanced-armor Mode & Dorulumon's Bombardment Mode need another Digimon to operate them but neither explicitly say that only Shoutmon specifically can operate them. The entries for Cyberdramon's Heavy-weapon Mode, Sparrowmon's Machspeed-cruiser Mode, Starmon and the Pickmons'various weapon modes don't say anything about a specific Digimon being the only one able to operate them either and while Axemon's Pulverization-armament Mode does mention SkullKnightmon, it's only in the sense that it can not only be wielded by SkullKnightmon.

Now admittedly apart from Jeremy using the Star Sword at one point and possibly Apollomon Darkness Mode since it's basically just Apollomon Whispered using a modified version of Axemon's Pulverization-armament Mode, the only Digimon shown using the Weapon Modes are Shoutmon, MetalGreymon, and SkullKnightmon do to a combination of budget constraints and them being the three core Digimon for the Fusion Fighters, Blue Flare, and Midnight respectively.

Edit: I forgot that OmniShoutmon was shown using the Drill Cannon during the episode Students have Vanished! The Flickering Shadow of Sagomon so that's another example of someone else using one of the weapon modes even if it's technically Shoutmon's Digivolved form.

What are everyone's thoughts on this matter?

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