Every app is the same. They all promise you onw thing but end up giving uou skmething else. But that ends when zack buys the digimon app......zack bought the digimon app thinking he was just gonna get a digimon quiz. When he opened it up he got answerd question that would see if he was eligable to be a digimon tamer. The questions were wierd Like if i was courageous or friendly , but one was the weirdest asking if i wanted to go to the digital world. Zack answerd yes on the intimixating question and waited for the results. After the test the app said that he will get a message with instrucion to the digi egg and how to turn the ipod into a digivice. Zack was bewilderd by the app and closed it. While he was thinking of. Deleting the app he thought "you know what this whole digi thing is starting to get funny. So i better stick around to see what else this loser wrote." and then he open the digimon app qnd saw an egg. There was a message. Zack opened it. It said " you zack hav been chosen to go and explore the digital world. You will need a pqrtner so your digi egg has been provided. Raise it and love it. Along the way you will be able to add the digimon to your team. To do this task you will need a digivice. Your ipod will turn into a digivice right about ........NOW!!!! A flashing light came from the ipod and when it was over a digivice and the digi egg from the app. Crack is the sound the made and a poyomon was born!!!!!

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