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    Chapter 17 - Confusion

    February 7, 2012 by Crash815

    “How the heck are we supposed to fight this thing?” Libby said. Veedramon had just digivolved into AeroVeedramon. None of their Digimon could stand up to it.

    “Maildramon and Kangaroomon can’t take much more…” Spencer said through his teeth.

    Suddenly, they heard a loud bang. Boone looked toward the sky and saw twelve points of light fall from the sky toward the ground in the distance.

    Suddenly, as the group was distracted, Ogremon flew toward them.

    “I’m tired of you!” Spencer growled. He held out his digivice; Viximon, Tsunomon, and Moonmon appeared. “Shoot… I forgot they were In-Trainings.”  Ogremon flew toward the three small Digimon. “No!” His digivice began to glow.

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    TigerVespamon yelled louder than before and there was a flash of light. Spencer blocked his eyes from the flash with his arm.

    The light cleared and suddenly he felt wind whipping sand against his skin. He lowered his arm and found himself in a desert. He held his ground as best he could until finally the wind stopped. Spencer looked around and saw Chibomon, Boone, Kyaromon, Matt, Tsumemon, Libby, and Salamon. He looked up. The sky had a great floating globe in it.

    “Where’s everyone else?” Matt asked.

    “I don’t know,” Libby said. “Is this the Digital World?”

    “It doesn’t look like any part of the Digital World I’ve seen,” Boone remarked.

    “It looks like the Tamers’ Digital World,” Spencer said.

    “The digital rift did this,” Matt said. “That must be t…

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    Chapter 15 - Missing

    December 27, 2011 by Crash815

    Jack was blinded by the light. When it cleared, he looked and saw that TigerVespamon was gone. He sighed with relief, but his relief didn’t last long.

    “Where’s Spencer?” Tyler shouted.

    “Libby’s gone too,” Kate realized.

    “Boone and Matt disappeared too,” Andy noted.

    “It was the rift,” Penny said. “It took them with him.”

    “Took them where?” Rachel asked.

    “To the digital world,” Penny answered.

    “Well, that’s not so bad,” Jack said. “They’ve all been there before.”

    “You’re optimistic; that’s a good thing,” Penny said. “I hope you’ll be able to hold onto that with what’s about to happen.”

    “What do you mean?” Jack asked.

    “The Digital World that you traveled to and that we traveled to last time probably doesn’t exist anymore,” Penny said. “It still exists,…

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    Chapter 14 - The Rift

    December 26, 2011 by Crash815

    The team felt powerful now, all reunited. Not only was the team together, but the Digi-Destined were finally reunited with all of their Digimon. They were face to face with Sandiramon, not to mention Gaiomon’s other cohorts, but it didn’t matter now.

    Spencer stood with Sethmon at his side. Rachel had Leormon with her. Jack and Upamon were nearby. Penny and Ryudamon were close by with Boone and Puffmon. Tyler stood strong with Lillymon and Moosemon after being reunited with Tokomon. Andy was standing there with Commandramon. Kate was finally reunited with Poromon. Libby stood, guarded by her two armor Digimon, Butterflymon and Mambomon. Matt stood firm with Infermon at his side.

    “Let’s take this guy down!” Kate said. Suddenly, another digi-eg…

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    Chapter 13 - Crazy Armor

    December 25, 2011 by Crash815

    Bakemon were all over the city, breaking into more houses, kidnapping more people. What they didn’t expect, was for someone to fight back. When they broke into a certain house, they got a little surprise. “Water Knuckle!” Mambomon shouted as he punched the three Bakemon.

    “Let’s get out of here!” Libby said to her parents and her sister. The four of them ran out of the house and down the street, where they met Triceramon. “SnowBotamon, ready?”

    “Okay!” SnowBotamon said.

    ' SnowBotamon matrix digivolve to… Angewomon

    “Celestial Arrow!” Angewomon said. She hit Triceramon with an arrow. It didn’t faze him. “Uh-oh. We need more power, Libby.”

    “How’s this for power?” someone shouted. A huge white and red spider jumped down from a nearby building. “Spi…

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