• Dalek rex

    My Digimon Team

    May 17, 2013 by Dalek rex

    Terry's Digimon Partner: In-Training: Chapmon Rookie: Elecmon Champion: Tyrannomon Ultimate: Mastertyrannomon Mega: Dinorexmon

    Mike's Digimon Partner: In-Training: Bukamon Rookie: Betamon Champion: Seadramon Ultimate: MegaSeadramon Mega: MetalSeadramon

    Madison's Digimon Partner: In-Training: Yokomon Rookie: Kunemon Champion: Yanmamon Ultimate: Lillymon Mega: MarineAngemon

    Sam's Digimon Partner: In-Training: Missimon Rookie: Penguinmon Champion: Gesomon Ultimate: Scorpiomon Mega: Parasimon

    Andrew's Digimon Partner: In-Training: Tsunomon Rookie: Gabumon Champion: Drimogemon Ultimate: Giromon Mega: Craniamon

    Jake's Digimon Partner: In-Training: Tokomon Rookie: Patamon Champion: Wizardmon Ultimate: Piximon Mega: Jijimon

    Cole's Digimon Partner: Fresh…

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