Renamon is a Fox-Anthro Digimon that uses Hit-and-run Tacticus rather then brute force She uses Diamound storm, Power Paw and something called "Khenyko" i don't know it's exact spelling or real move but it's ability to teleport for short distances in order to Avoid projectiles or Blunt Force. Renamon is Fast Enough to keep up with speeding traffic her running speed can be estimated around 30 to 75Mph, Even though she is a well-balanced rookie still with the lack of offense along with a lack of defense meaning she's not Capable of taking on anyone above rookie though she persists to fight them without digi-volving. The Digimon Show was canceled in the USA around 2007 or 2008 and to all who miss renamon in the united states please show your support to renamon by commenting and hopefully we could her get back to the states, Renamon maybe be a Digimon but she taught us more then fighting She taught us Self-Restraint, Loyalty, Honesty and Most importantly Determination those are the Values of that beautiful creature that Helped us Become better people and we'll thank Renamon for her help.

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