The Story of Renamon in the Real World by --(Dan67 16:13, February 8, 2012 (UTC))

It all started in the real world around 8:30pm midnight you sat down in your seat holding the old Xbox360 controller, Just Waiting for a bad game of Teamdeathmatch in ModernWarfare3 to end. But as soon as you see the final Killcam your screen turns blue and you lose control of your console without Hesistaion you grabbed on to the nearest thing in your room as your once known television turns into a Wormhole to another dimension. You Failed to hold on and you were sucked into the OtherSide far from reality that has been a pain in your throat for a few years, As you Fall straight out of the strasphere yelling at the top of your lungs wondering if you were going to live or die. Luckily your body falls into the river unharmed and you managed to use up the last bit of strength in you to swim to the concrete shore where you later passed out.

A Fallen Hero part1

The Vary next morning you woke up with your clothes drenched of Water, Your leg is bleeding and you deciced to tear a piece of your shirt off in order to put pressure on the Wound, Struggling to get up you grabbed a tree branch and used it as a walking stick just to move another few feet to Civilization. Finally your in town with your wound still bleeding across your leg, Limping little by little you managed to find medical attention and you were loaded on the Gurney into the Hospital for your wounds to be treated. To be Contiuned

Ascension Part2

Weeks passed and you still don't know where the hell you are or even know who to even trust. As you thurst up from the gurney wondering how long you been in this hospital, Then a Doctor comes in and wonders what your doing out of the gurney.

Doctor: "Excuse me patient but what are you doing out of bed?"

You: "What am i doing? Question is where the Hell am i and how did fall out of **** sky like what the **** is going on here!!"

Doctor: "Patient it's very important if you get some rest now, we'll discuss what happened to you tommorrow"

You:[Agrees and goes back to bed]

After a Bitter arguement last night you decide to have that talk with the doctor as soon as you see his Face To be continued ):

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