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    Digimon OCs

    July 24, 2010 by Destiny Calling

    Featured on FanFiction.Net

    Japanese Name: Rīn-oh-ay Ay-mun
    Age: 13
    Eyes: Dark brown
    Hair: Brunette with blonde patches
    Outfit: White T-shirt, dark grey joggies and white trainies
    Personality: Normally kind unless annoyed. Goggleheads and comments about her hair annoy her greatly.
    Partner: Alimon
    Digimon Period: Digimon Tamers

    Japanese Name: Alimon
    Level: Rookie
    Attribute: Data/Vaccine
    Type: Beast/Animal Digimon
    Digivolves From: Nekomon (In-Training), Konekomon (Fresh)
    Digivolves To: Jyouchimon (Champion), NekoAngewomon (Ultimate), Felionmon (Mega), Auroramon (Super Ultimate)
    Partner: Amon Rinohe Digimon Period: Digimon Tamers

    Japanese Name: Ikkaki-oh-shi Dena
    Age: 16
    Eyes: Aqua blue
    Hair: Blonde
    Outfit: Real World: Tight fitting lavendar T-shirt, grey shorts, long, thigh high whit…

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