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Amon Rinohe

Japanese Name: Rīn-oh-ay Ay-mun
Age: 13
Eyes: Dark brown
Hair: Brunette with blonde patches
Outfit: White T-shirt, dark grey joggies and white trainies
Personality: Normally kind unless annoyed. Goggleheads and comments about her hair annoy her greatly.
Partner: Alimon
Digimon Period: Digimon Tamers


Japanese Name: Alimon
Level: Rookie
Attribute: Data/Vaccine
Type: Beast/Animal Digimon
Digivolves From: Nekomon (In-Training), Konekomon (Fresh)
Digivolves To: Jyouchimon (Champion), NekoAngewomon (Ultimate), Felionmon (Mega), Auroramon (Super Ultimate)
Partner: Amon Rinohe Digimon Period: Digimon Tamers

Dana Ikkakioushi

Japanese Name: Ikkaki-oh-shi Dena
Age: 16
Eyes: Aqua blue
Hair: Blonde
Outfit: Real World: Tight fitting lavendar T-shirt, grey shorts, long, thigh high white socks and lavendar trainers. Digital World: Green tank top, mid length sleeved, purple cardigan, dark blue denim skinny flare jeans and white and purple trainers.
Personality: Really kind, always willing to help her friends. Can stand up for herself in needed.
Partner: Freemon
Digimon Period: Digimon Adventure 02


Japanese Name and Katakana: フリーモン Furīmon
Level: Rookie
Attribute: Data/Vaccine
Type: Holy Beast/Fairy Digimon
Digivolves From: Breezymon (In-Training), Wingmon (Fresh)
Digivolves To: Fairymon (Champion), Nexusmon (Ultimate), DemiAngewomon (Mega), Coreemon (Armor, Trust), Megramon (Armor, Freedom)
Partner: Dana Ikkakioushi
Digimon Period: Digimon Adventure 02

Yasmin Hachi

Japanese Name and Katakana: ハチヤスミン Hachi Yasmīnu
Age: 13
Eyes: Pink
Hair: Burgundy red
Outfit: Green, short dress like top with a wide white band around the waist. The band has a hole in the back, ment to be a pocket. She also wears white leggings that stop just below the knee and white japaese slipper shoes. Acessories include a white headband with a fabric rose and a beaded necklace looped over her head twice to look like two necklaces.
Personality: Kind and very helpful. If annoyed or angered, can be quite dangerous.
Trait: Protection (保護 Hogo)
Digimon Period: Digimon Frontier


Japanese Name: Jewelmon
Level: Human Hybrid
Attribute: Variable
Type: Fairy Digimon
Digivolves From: Anyone + Human Spirit of Protection
Digivolves To: Okasamon, Shiningmon (Fusion)
Partner: Yasmin Hachi
Digimon Period: Digimon Frontier

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