• Dewandrop

    “Terror Cluster!”

    “Pyramid Laser!”

    “Mystic Break!”

    “Sky Wave!”


    “Fruit Flechette!”

    Beau and RustTyranomon, Rug and Anubismon, Riza and Eaglemon, Jim and GigaSeadramon, Busy and GranKuwagamon, and Yuyu and Ceresmon had intercepted the attack. E.A and Glo’s digimon were in their fresh forms. The Ceresmon present seemed to not recognize Monarchmon

    “Hey guys” Riza greeted

    “Whoa. Thanks” Falco expressed.


    Typhonmon had increased the ferocity of his attack. The digimon seemed now to struggle under the weight

    “Zurumon warp digivolve to!...” ->Kyokyomon->Elecmon->Clockmon->Knightmon-> “Craniamon! Waltz’s End!” he grinned over at their direction. It was the…

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  • Dewandrop

    The sun had begun to sink into the horizon. Standing at the edge of what appeared to be a dark mass, scattered with sparkles, the digidestines stared at what would be the continuation of their few-hour trek. Any attempts to fly into the galaxy-esque space had resulted in an invisible barrier defying any progression. Taking a step forth, Rex found himself floating in place. Spreading out his arms, and thrusting his body ever so slightly, he seemed to glide forth. Doing the same, the rest of the group followed closely behind. Around them, the area seemed to warp

    “Meteor Shower” called multiple voices

    “Core Blast!” Launching his attack, a radiating light shatter…

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  • Dewandrop


    Hailey flinched as her vision cleared. Upon regaining consciousness, she had found herself zooming in mid-air under the clutch of a purple and black clad Lilithmon. “No…” Hailey’s words were almost lost to the wind as she realized what must have happened. Her hair-tie had long come undone and now Hailey’s blonde locks flowed. “Hmhmhm” the gold clawed digimon laughed

    “STOP RIGHT THERE” D’Arcmon and Kazemon had seemed to materialize from out of nowhere. Caught off-guard, Lilithmon came to an abrupt halt



    An onslaught of tiny attacks bombarded Lilithmon; the baby digimon had emerged from Hailey’s outfit. Attempting to swat them away, her gra…

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  • Dewandrop

    …A holograph…

    Leomon fell to the ground in laughter. Slipping from his hiding spot, Ogremon held onto the tree in hysterics.

    “Oh, ohhh. I’m-” *snicker* “I’m sorry…you should’ve seen your faces”

    “C’mon, let’s go…” Rex uttered coldly

    “No no…wait…erhmm…mmm…” Leomon straightened himself out “It wasn’t all fake” he began, fighting back his urge to laugh.

    “She really is someone, she potentially could’ve been a digidestined” Ogremon explained

    “Potentially?” Delphi queried

    “Yeah, she-”

    “Almost got sucked into a spiralling vortex of blue light as a child” Wyatt interjected, looking down at the ground

    “OK fine, then you tell the story…” Ogremon grumbled

    “So she’s.…

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  • Dewandrop

    “Be careful dear” a woman guided as she’d released her young son from a hug “Have fun”. Wyatt ran over to join the other kids on the play equipment. Squeals of joy, and giggles melodiously waltzed through the air on a cool, gentle breeze. Wyatt’s mother placed herself on a nearby bench with the other parents.

    “Hey, wanna go on the swings?” a blonde girl with pigtails asked. Wyatt nodded, his raven-black hair like silk. Taking a seat, Wyatt planted his feet and swayed. Kicking off from the ground, Wyatt launched himself into the air. Back and forth a stream of air played with his locks. Fluffy cotton-like clouds drifted slowly against a brilliant wash of light blue. Turning to look at the swing beside him, Wyatt’s laughter faded into an expr…

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