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    Walking Home...

    Tai:"I can't believe I said that! Sora's gonna kill me! I know it wasn't official 'til I said it but a bet's a bet".

    Matt's House...

    Matt:"*Sighing*Ok T.K., one more time. This time you gotta get it otherwise, I'm stuck".

    T.K.:"But Matt, I don't know how hard it can be to teach me Old Maid. I'm trying".

    (Door Bell)

    Matt and T.K.'s Dad:"I'll get it. Hey Matt what you cookin' later".

    Matt:"*Getting annoyed*Don't know dad I--"

    M&T's Dad:Oh, Tai. What you doin' here?"

    Tai:"I'm here to see Matt. Is he in?"

    M&T's Dad:"Yeah, but Nancy's lettin' T.K. stay here for a week as well. What do you wanna see--".

    Matt:"Dad just let him in".

    M&T's Dad:"Ok, Matt. Come on in Tai".

    T.K.:*As Tai walks in*Hi Tai. Matt's teaching me how to play cards".


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    Daisuke stood there, shocked. Everyone was now crowding around the two, congratulating them. Miyako and Sora were saying that they were going to help her pick out a dress. Yamato was saying all sorts of stuff like,"I knew you could do it, Takeru" and "I'll lend you my tux, but you'll need to wash it two or three times. Girls, you know?!".

    Hikari then said to Takeru,"If I'm going with you, I'm going to pick out a dress that'll make other guys wish they'd asked me, so don't get jealous!" Koushiro then noticed Daisuke, standing there, still wearing that shocked look. "Daisuke, daijoubu?". "I'm going to the counseler". Koushiro looked puzzeled, and was about to ask why but then, Daisuke ran out, startling everyone. "I wonder what's wrong with Da…

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