Walking Home...

Tai:"I can't believe I said that! Sora's gonna kill me! I know it wasn't official 'til I said it but a bet's a bet".

Matt's House...

Matt:"*Sighing*Ok T.K., one more time. This time you gotta get it otherwise, I'm stuck".

T.K.:"But Matt, I don't know how hard it can be to teach me Old Maid. I'm trying".

(Door Bell)

Matt and T.K.'s Dad:"I'll get it. Hey Matt what you cookin' later".

Matt:"*Getting annoyed*Don't know dad I--"

M&T's Dad:Oh, Tai. What you doin' here?"

Tai:"I'm here to see Matt. Is he in?"

M&T's Dad:"Yeah, but Nancy's lettin' T.K. stay here for a week as well. What do you wanna see--".

Matt:"Dad just let him in".

M&T's Dad:"Ok, Matt. Come on in Tai".

T.K.:*As Tai walks in*Hi Tai. Matt's teaching me how to play cards".

Matt:*Sighing*Trying to. What's up?"

(1 hour later)

Matt:"Wait a second, back up. You said you'd do what? And this has led to a bet?"

Tai:*Groaning*Uh-huh. Now I don't know what to say to Sora. The match is at the end of the week, and if I ignore her, she'll get mad and beat me to a pulp".

T.K.:"Well why are you here? Why not just tell Sora about it? She'd be cool with it".

Matt:"That's just it, T.K. He can't. The bet started the minute he said he'd avoid her. He can't tell her".

T.K.:"Oh. got nothin'. How 'bout you Matt?"

Matt:*Shaking his head*Nope, looks like you're stuck".

Tai:"I was afriad you'd say that".

Continuing home...

Tai:"*Thinking*What can I do?"

???:"Hey Tai!"

Tai:"Sora! I--I was just--um".

Sora:"*Smiling*It's okay. You don't have to say anything. I just saw you walking and decided to say hello".


(Tai runs away)

Sora:"*Confused*Was it something I said".

End of Chapter 2

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