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Chapter 19

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Chapter 19: The Dark Network of Etemon

When we all settled down in Server, everybody just sat down for a break. I don't we really had a time limit on when we needed to find the tags. It was around the afternoon, so we could have something to eat right about now. Or them, I should say. I don't need anything to eat or anything like that. Izzy and I went away for a moment to find something to have them all eat.

"Izzy, what do you think we might possibly find here?" I asked him, but then realized I might not have been to well descriptive with my question. "I mean, like on the level of food that we can find." I added onto my question, so he could understand it further now.

'I don't exactly know, what we have been finding here to eat in the digital world have been really strange so far. For all we know, we can find a flying cobra in the woods." Izzy answered, he smiled a small smile. I laughed at his joke. "For once, I made somebody laugh over my flying cobra joke." We looked a little while longer, and we still found nothing to eat. We came back into the area everybody else was waiting for us. "Sorry, we couldn't find anything to eat from the woods." Izzy told them, everybody looked down and groaned. Matt checked the things he had with him, to see if he had had anything. Nothing, so we all had nothing to eat for the night.

"I smell something like food in the distance." T.K. told us, and I tried to detect the smell for myself, and I picked it up to. "Can we go over in the direction of the smell, to see if we can have anything to eat tonight?" T.K. asked, and we all shrugged a little. It was worth a try, after all.

"I don't see the harm in going out to try it." Tai answered, and we got everything ready to leave. We have been sitting here for about forty five minutes by now anyways. I grabbed a hold of my medical bag, just in case, despite how painful it is to carry it. I could feel as though my father was watching me in the background right now, but I knew I had to keep it. I also grabbed the flag that I made a while back, before we faced Devimon. It was already a little bit of brown on some parts, due to plenty of dirt building up. It covered half of myself on the flag, and all of Izzy by now. If only it could be cleaned off a little amount. T.k. and Izzy didn't carry anything, for Matt Tai, and Mimi grabbed everything else pretty much. Matt got our sleeping bags and flint. Tai got the majority of the camping gear. Mimi and Sora got what little bit was left that matt, Tai, or I couldn't get for ourselves. Such as some of the wood that we haven't used as of yet. As well as some of just the the unimportant stuff that we had we didn't even need. I still had my wallet in the back pocket to my pants, the left one. I had my ring and phone in my right pocket, in the front. I knew that we had to set out then, so I called everybody up.

"Tai, lead the way." I asked, and Tai got in front of me. Matt was second in line, I was third, Mimi was fourth, Sora was fifth, Izzy was sixth in line, and T.K. was the last one in line. We walked for a while, and it felt like a desert. But it wasn't a dessert, more like a hot summer hang out place. The sun was near setting, maybe in about four or five hours from now. i just wished we would find the place of the smell and food quickly. These people needed to get fed, or else they would have gone five days without really having anything to eat. It looked like people were starting to get sweat around their faces and bodies, and I felt it was coming onto me as well. We might have been walking for a long time, and I just couldn't tell. Due to, of course, not having a watch or anything related to telling time on me. As we walked on, I felt the hot air around me cooling down a little bit, and the smell of the food getting stronger. I had a feeling that we were getting closer, maybe half a hour away from the area, was my guess. Slowly after this, we reached a small village. It was full of small digimon. We went over to the small digimon, to see what they were.

"What kind of digimon are you guys?" Tai asked them, and they jumped back in surprise from the question. They didn't see us coming to them, I guess.

"We're the baby stage of Agumon, the digimon you have with you. It has been a long time since we last seen a real Agumon." They replied, with a smirk on their face. Showing that there was a small chance they we were being lied to. "Can we show you around the village we have? So you can see what kind of settlement this place really is." The baby digimon asked, and we all looked at each other.

"Do we really want them to show us around? We just defeated Devimon, for all we know, this could be a trap made by another evil digimon." T.K. asked, I was getting impressed that he has taken such thought and caution into everything these days. He is not at all like the kid I met on the summer camp. He went from being somebody who only cared for talking about video games and what his life at home was truly like. Now he is the the one who, isn't fully engaged with the group, but you can tell that he really is trying to help out as much as he can. Give it some time, and he might honestly be as useful as Mat or Tai themselves. I thought about what he said, and should we really trust these digimon? I mean, we could be backfired really badly, but they might be sincere. It could be worth a shot, besides, baby digimon even when all added up can't be nearly as bad as Devimon could be.

'I think it might be worth the chance. We should try it out, see what happens." I told everybody, and I looked at each of their faces to see if they disapproved. Izzy had a look of clear disapproval on his face, and I wanted to hear just what he might want to say. "What do you think, Izzy. Since you clearly don't agree with this idea?" I asked, ready for him to speak his own piece of mind.

"I think we should go back to the place we started from, maybe try to find a new route. Despite how long this way would take. I still think it might be better than falling for a possible trap." Izzy said, and I could kind of see his point, but there were problems with his suggestions to. I mean come on, retracing everything, just for a new possible route. That would just be fucking retarded. Everyone else seemed to pick up on how stupid this was to, due to the look on their faces. Even Mimi, the least involved with the what shall we do kind of conversations, was obviously taken aback by this idea. Izzy checked everybody's faces as well, I think he was able to pick this up for himself as well. 'Sorry for suggesting that, maybe we should just go along and see what they have to offer." He said real fast, trying to hide what he was thinking. I wasn't a expert, but I could tell that he was thinking something more on the lines of god I'm so worthless, or something related to the matter. So we all went to the baby digimon, and waited to see what they had have to say on our verdict.

"How about you take us around the village you all live in". I said, and they each got a smile on their faces. "May I ask, what kind of things do you have here?" I asked them, as we started our tour. The baby digimon had to think about this one for a few seconds, before they gave a not so sure answer. Okay, maybe this was a trap after all. Wow, I didn't know I was THIS bad on cues. I gave myself a mental slap across the face.

"We have a spa, a place you can a relax and get rid of all your stress. For we imagine that you all have gathered much within the time you have spent here." They answered, and they let out a quiet laugh. Why would they laugh over something as stupid as that. Things like this can just amaze me. Mimi was instantly taken up by the idea of a spa, and she jumped up and down a little bit.

"Where can I find the spa? I really want to have a good relaxation. It can be so tiring just going around waiting for something. Then you might see that you might not really get it." She said, in a very sort of begging way. The baby digimon looked annoyed with Mimi, but they agreed to what she wanted. Izzy had a look of disgust on his face, as he was looking at Mimi. Is it possible that Izzy might really hate Mimi?

'Fine Miss Pretty Pretty Princess, we can take you there right now. Since you can't wait five minutes for us to be done with. we'll wait for you until you get out for the tour to go on." The baby digimon led us to the house of the spa, and made us all wait in the normal room. While Mimi was going somewhere else. We stayed out for ten minutes, when Tai decided he needed to use the restroom.

Tai was walking in the hallway in the building, and he found Mimis clothes all over the ground. He picked them up, so he could put it in a room, and have her get it later. He walked a little bit, until he found a room he walked in, and saw a lot of steam. No, Tai walked into the room that Mimi was in her spa at, Tai threw her outfit on the ground. Then he ran out screaming. He nearly walked into Mimi naked! It was still about three hours, maybe two and a half before the sun would fully set. I saw his beating red face, and was curious to find out what it was about.

'Tai, what just happened?" I yelled at him. Tai suddenly burst into tears.

'I nearly walked into Mimi naked." Tai fell down to the ground, looking like he was in a traumatized state. Then again, would would want to walk into somebody naked? Especially if it was somebody you most likely barely knew, and if it was Mimi. Everybody would want to stay away from that sight. Including if you bring in the factor of her being as confused as she said she was when she talked to me way back when we only have been here for a few days. Mimi came back in a few minutes later.

'Tai, what did you do that for?" Mimi asked him, and the baby digimon laughed so hard it felt like they were watching some sort of show. They made us go further along with our tour, until they showed us everything. Such as the place where they eat at, which looked really small for us humans to me. The area we can all sleep at, they found a spot where we each can be at least private enough for ourselves. I sat in my area, I took out my ring. Looked at it for a few seconds, then put it back in my right hand pocket. I needed to keep it safe, so I can remember what little there is left of my mother to me, and for hope of leading a normal and good life someday in my future. I took out my wallet, and checked it out more now. I then noticed I still had something in here from a long time ago. A card with the number to call a college to go to. It was one I wanted to go to a few years ago, back when I was in the eighth grade, and it was for something related to the study of being a professor. Or that job for when you research the stars and different things in the sky. What was it called, now I remembered. Astrophysicist. I wanted to become one a few years back in my day, but I stopped the profession to still study for being a doctor. The job my father was forcing me to pursue, and he won't let me do anything else. I once brought up the astrophysicist idea to him, and then he beat me half to unconsciousness over it. That was the time I decided to stop it, for I knew at that moment he would not approve of it. He also said something along the lines of me being a worthless piece of garbage in this world if I ever went for something else. I now truly think he might be telling the truth, I can't stand up for myself. I can't tell people what I truly think is best, I just can't. I have nothing to offer, I have no purpose in life, and maybe I should just go for something somebody already has set for me. But I do wonder on some moments if I should go back to this idea, one I truly wanted at some point. I was about to get up, when Tai showed up. He saw the card, and looked impressed.

"Impressive, a invitation to start going to some college. Are you going to accept the invitation?" I felt like hitting him in the head, but I knew that would be stupid. He didn't do anything wrong by asking a question. Even if it was as painful as something like this. I was the one who did wrong, by even thinking of hitting him in the face for just a second.

"It was one I wanted to go to back then. But I stopped pursuing it. I keep this card with me to remind myself never to go back in this path. I keep it to remind myself to just keep going with the doctor idea my father has set out for me already. I keep it mostly to remind myself that I should never, ever, look back at those days." Tai gave me a confused and surprised look. As if trying to figure out what I was trying to convey right at this moment.

"What do you mean by never looking back on those days. Besides if you don't want to be a doctor, and you want to pursue this education you wanted back then, why not go for it. Dude, you have nothing stopping you besides yourself, and what you fear inside of yourself. Please, face your inner demons, I don't to see you falling apart like this. You deserve better than this." Tai tried to get across to me, but I just couldn't listen to him/ I refused to think that there is another chance in some of things I would want instead of my father.

'I'm sorry Tai, but I truly need to be alone for now." I told him, and he just shook his head in disappointment. He walked away from me, and I just stood at that spot, thinking to myself. Was I possibly to rough with Tai, maybe that is a problem for me. I take things to roughly, and I never learn to look at things the good way. Maybe I really do need to change in some way, I don't know what would be best for me, but i will not stop trying until I find the good self. I thought I was already doing a good job on this protection thing, with watching over everybody. I felt as though I was a active member, but it looks as if I was mistaken this whole time. I heard Tai talking to the others, and I was taken back by what he was saying.

"I saw something Joe had just a moment ago. He sort of lost it within himself. I don't know what his problem is, but I don't think it's really that good." Tai started to tell them.

"What are you trying to indicate here Tai?" T.k. asked him, and Tai was able to answer him. After he snapped his figures in the direction of T.K.

"You see, the thing is, I truly don't know if he can handle much of this digital world stuff anymore. It feels as though the things going on here are catching up to the things about his past. I don't even know what his past was like or anything like that. It looks like he's just being a big baby about it, whatever the thing could possibly be. I think he might crack sometime, and I don't know if he can recover from it. Or as I said, if he needs his baby bottle or anything like that." Gomamon was at that place to, and he layed down, and looked saddened.

"Thy think he's just trying to cope under pressure. Thy doht want sound mean bout it, since Joe is thy partner, but thy think Joe might be the weakest member in this group. Matt, Tai, Sora, thou three have been well managed this whole time. Izzy can get out of his problems by his computer and thinking of things out of problems. Thus making him the logical thinker of the group. Mimi can find herself out of things by crying her way across it, sorry to thee, Mimi. T.K., thee have Matt to watch over you, and thee doht take advantage of this. Thy think so, at least. But with Joe, he can't do anything, he freaks out, and falls back in the end. He honestly has nothing to offer here." Gomamon said, and I sat down really hard, nobody was able to see me.

"This is your partner you're talking about." All the other digimon partners said, and Sora at the same time. I could tell everybody else was nodding to along with this.

"Thy know, but thy just really worried for him" Gomamon replied. I was on the ground, my hands up to my face. Tai first thinks I can't handle this anymore. Now I just heard my own digimon say I was pretty much the seventh wheel of the group, and that I truly had nothing to offer here. I tried, I really did, to be a good head of house, but it looks as if I have have failed in even this. What was wrong with me. No, don't let this get to you, I thought. Just start to help out even more than you already have before today. Take some matters into my own hands if I had to. But I will show them, that I am just as important as anybody else in this group. I came out, and the baby digimon looked like they had made us some food. We all ate our food, and T.K. kept on rubbing his egg. I kept my mouth shut. Everybody else was quiet, maybe they tried to keep the conversation secret. They didn't know that I still heard every nasty word they had to say about me. Those little punks. Suddenly, T.K.s egg begin to glow, and I was surprised. Because last time I checked, eggs don't glow.

'Welcome back T.K." Palmon said, and I was even more surprised. Palmon was already back from the other life. It was just over a week that he was gone, though. Everybody started to sound happy, and was kind of celebrating the return of Palmon. Who people might say was sort of our hero in the case of when we faced devimon. I took one bite worth of food while I was at the room where the baby digimon ate dinner. I got up, and walked out while nobody knew I was leaving. Five minutes later, Izzy noticed I was gone.

"Hey, where's Joe?" Izzy said.

'I don't know, he was right here." Sora said, because we sat next to each other while I ate. Matt was to busy being at the corner of the room, taking small bites here and there. He was looking at Tai. Matt was thinking to himself. He thought Tai looked amazing, as he always did. He wanted to know when Tai was going to wake up and see that he was the one. Tai was most likely trying to convince himself that he should go after girls. Matt knew he could not let this little secret out to many people. Since he was really high up on his popularity level, and he was gay. Gay people would never be popular if they knew it was true, and they would get harassed if people knew. Because this was a time when people of this sexuality did not get well accepted into culture, well, was just starting to get slowly more and more accepted. Matt never even told his father this, for fear of how he would react. But matt always told himself in his mind, if his father truly loved him, then he would be fine no matter what matt said he was.

Gomamon was looking for me in the general area we ate at.

"Thy doht not know, thy shalt go look for him." gomamon left the area, and begin looking for me outside.

I was walking around the outside of the village. Needing to get away from all this for a little while. This really was getting to much for me to handle, maybe I was truly cracking. I needed to just stop from all this madness and relax for just a moment. I sat down, looking at the sky. Damn, it was very pretty. Why didn't it look this nice normally on Earth? I threw the card for the college away from me, so I didn't have to see it anymore. What could I do to change my ways? Show how I truly am to everybody. No, that would just be insane, and asking for to much from anybody. I mean, Tai doesn't look like he has a problem towards me. He talks to me often, and likes to know what I'm thinking normally. Matt was that sort of guy who would want to tease the upperclassmen to make themselves look cooler, but they do it just for that reason. Besides, the upperclassmen just ignore what these punk kids say about them. I just hope Matt is done being a little whiny snob around me now. Mimi, well I think she has done me a great favor for letting me talk to her that one night. I don't know how I can repay her for the kindness she has given me while we've been here. She was the first one to come up to me and talk to me, and I feel a since a gratitude for that. I feel largely mistaken for what I thought of her at first, about her going to be annoying. T.K. I hope would have a small respect for me. Knowing as though he might still be trying to used to all this stuff going on. Then again, we all are. Crazy, how in human terms, we've already been gone for almost a day. Which would still be long enough for people to worry about our location. But here, it's been half a months worth. I just hope T.K. gets more into the group, and shows his true self even more than he already has done. Sora, what does she think of me? I'm truly am confused about it. I mean, we've talked a good deal to each other, and that is nice. But she does that blushing thing around me a lot, and I have no clue what that means. I also remember in my flashback, when she saw me for the first time, her cheeks turned red. That was back when she was like ten or eleven, can't remember. Does blushing show like a sign of deep hatred towards somebody, and their face turns red in anger because they're near them? That is the only way that it could make sense for me. I get it now, Sora just really hates me. Because Sora could never like me or anything like that beyond the level of forced friendship, I'm just that nerdy guy who everybody wants to stay away from. Although, I must admit, Sora has most likely contributed the least to the group. I do think she has most likely been the most useless to us so far, which is sad to say. She hasn't done anything to help out with the group. Now Izzy, he sticks around on his computer a lot. I wish he could get out of this hiding phase, and show his true self just a little bit more than he already has done. I most likely know the least about him so far. Which saddens me, because I can see he's not that bad of a person. I sat here, just thinking about everybody a little bit longer, the sun was completely down by now, and the moon was starting to take over. gomamon showed up, and sat down besides me. I was already angry, wow could my own digimon talk down about me like that? It just blows my mind away.

'What do you want? To talk badly about me again, just in front of me now. If so, just fire away." I asked, and was glad the sun was down, so Gomamon couldn't see my face.

'Thy just worried bout thee." Goamon started, and I stopped him right there.

"Shut up Gomamon. You're not worried about me, that was made very clear today. Saying I have nothing to offer in this group. What digimon says that about their partner. It's just a horrible thing to do. Besides, you say I'm the weakest member of the group, what makes you possibly think that? as you said, mimi needs to whine her way out of everything. That's not showing any sort of strength, that's just being a little priss. Izzy needs his computer to do everything for him. He can't do anything on his own, he needs his nonliving device to do it for him. That's not power or strength. That's just being to darn lazy to do crap by yourself." Goamon tried to speak to me now.

"Joe, thy sorry for what thy said." Goamon started, but I was already on a roll.

"Just stop talking for one moment. Can't you see I'm trying to get something into your head? Take this as a learning chance. What did you say about T.K., he needs Matt to watch over him. That's right, he can't watch over himself. He needs his brother who he barely sees to do it for himself. What about Sora being able to help herself? There's no way she can. She has put in nothing to help out with the group. She just sits there, talking, trying to make herself sound like she's active in it, but when it comes down to real business, she does nothing. She just sits in the back, letting us do everything. The only people who can truly watch over themselves right now are Matt and Tai. I jumped down to remove that black gear. I didn't wait for you to digivolve. I did the chanting to get rid of the Bakemon. I made our team flag. I came in to save Tai from Devimon. I was able to hold my own with Devimon even when everybody else was down, long enough to have Patomon digivolve. Did you or the other digimon do that? No, you didn't. Did any of the other humans do any of these things? No, they didn't. So just be quiet." I looked at Gomamon, but I saw that Gomamon was gone. Was I going to far with what I was saying, I had to go and find him. I ran back to the village with the baby digimon, but they weren't here. I was so tired, that I couldn't tell if any humans were here. I could see no digimon was here, however. But I feel down to the ground, asleep. Most likely over being so tired.

Agumon and the real baby form of Agumon were trapped away. They got kidnapped by the digimon at the village the kids met today. They were waiting for their master to show up. Their master was named Etemon. All the humans and digimon were taken away as well. Even Gomamon, wand he was regretting what he said about Joe. When he heard all that he said, he knew Joe was right. Sora really has done the least for the group, and she really was the most unimportant. Izzy, Mimi, and t.K. are stuck behind these resorts that they need. They can't really do anything on their own. Tai and Matt really are the only ones who can do things on their own.

-I was dreaming of my house. Jim was sitting down on a table, doing his work as a lawyer. I came up to him.

"Hey Jim, are you going out anywhere right now?" I asked him, and he looked up. Then down at his watch.

"Sorry, I realize I have to meet Beth today at Subway." Jim said, and he grabbed his books. Then headed out of the door. Beth was the name of his girlfriend,you know, the one he just broke up with. This means that this dream moust has taken place a little while back. I sat down on the table, just relaxing my legs after another day of school. Then my dad walked in.

'Joe, why aren't you working on your papers?" My dad asked me, and I shook my head.

"Why did you just shake your head to me?" He walked up to me, and forced me out of the chair. He pushed me to a wall, and held e by my shirt. "Don't you ever shake your head to me. If you don't become a doctor, then you are useless. Understand, so go get a purpose and study for your medical exam. If I come in your room in a hour, to see you not working, you will have worse coming for you." He let go of me, and I went into my room. I stayed in there for fifty minutes, and spent the last ten minutes working, so he can be fooled by when he walks in. a good plan, when you truly think about it. I was reading these books that he's given me like ten times now, but he's still not happy with my performance. I've pretty much given up everything I have for him. Yet he still shows not at the least some sign of thankfulness. What do I have to do to make him happy? Truly become a doctor. Become something that would pain me to no end. I also noticed that he locked me in my room, from the outside. Now I couldn't get out, even if I was hungry. Now he forces me to stay in my room. What was his problem? -

I woke up, and saw smoke in the distance. i ran in that direction, to see what was going on. It took a while, but i reached the area of the smoke. Everybody was there. They yelled at me, and all the partner digimon was here as well. As well as the baby form of the Agumon. The baby digimon at the village stood behind me, with two other digimon in front of them.

"We're Gazmon, the servants of Etemon. He will be here any minute now." The digimon said, and I was surprised by how they looked. they looked like standing bunnies something like that. They also looked pretty intimidating. Their color was grey on the normal body, and white at the belly. One wore sun glasses, and the other didn't. Soon enough, we saw a big digimon. He looked like a digimon version of Elvis. He was a monkey, that was taller than myself by about three inches. He had a microphone, and and a guitar. Tai looked at Agumon, and Agumon knew what he had to do.

"Agumon digivolve to.. GREYMON!" Agumon yelled, and the monkey digimon played on his guitar.

"My name's Etemon. I have a little secret for you all, my guitar can't make you digivolve. Let me sing you a little bit of a tune." The monkey digimon said, and he was sort of in the distance, but he was still seeable through the trees. Like in a live performance in a concert, when the people can still see the people playing from hundreds of feet away.

"I'm on a mexican radio.

I'm on a mexican radio, radio.

I'm a mexican woah, radio, radio, radio." Etemon started to sing Mexican Radio by Wall of voodoo.

Just then, all the houses in the village we spent last night at blew up. As well as everything else in it.

"My dark network can do anything I want it to. And it can't let you digivolve any further than the step you're already on. How's that for powerful?" The baby forms of Agumon showed us a passage, and we went through it. They stayed behind, however. inside, there was no exit, it was a dead end. Maybe they led us here long enough for Etemon to leave, if so, then good thing for us. But after about half a hour of waiting, Tais necklace begin to glow in a color of orange. The wall around us started to glow as well, and became one small little hand held thing. It went into his necklace.

"Did I just find my tag?' Tai asked, and I went up next to him.

"It looks as though you did." I replied, and we looked at it. It was a circle, with eight triangles around it. I knew what it was, a older drawing of the sun. I wondered what it stood for, however. Etemon didn't see us, so we left in the direction that was now enabled to us.

"Now we have one tag.' Izzy said. "Either we can now start fighting back with Etemon when he shows up again, or we need to find all seven of them first before anybody could use it." Izzy said to himself, more of in a whisper. I knew one thing was for certain. Etemon was the first enemy Gennai was talking about. And we needed to defeat him before we want to try to face anybody else. I just hoped it wouldn't be as bad as the crap Devimon put us through

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