• Digital Tamer
    • Chapter 1 - Loweemon is Knighted
    • Chapter 2 - New Recruits and The Adventure's Beginning.
    • Chapter 3 - Invasion of the Airship, BaraBrimpmon!
    • Chapter 4 - Leopardmon X3 vs ExVeemon X2: Battle to Save the City!
    • Chapter 5 - Battle Outside the Blimp! Blackwargreymon VS ExVeemon X3!
    • Chapter 6 - New Rival in the Frozen Lake Zone; Girl With the Yellow Xros Loader!
    • Chapter 7 - Dark Plot Army's General - Enter Luke and Lopmon!
    • Chapter 8 - Guardian of the Deep Forest Zone. VS AncientBeetlemon!
    • Chapter 9 - VS Green Xros Loader Army; Battle for the Deep Forest Code Crown!
    • Chapter 10 - Empty Zone - Shoutmon X4C Returns
    • Chapter 11 - Revived Shoutmon! Digimon King VS Chaosmon!
    • Chapter 12 - SunMoon Zone - Lunamon VS Coronamon!
    • Chapter 13 - Leopardmon Leaves - Sayonara! …
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  • Digital Tamer


    In a strange, warped Zone, two soldiers floated still on nothing.

    "Shoutmon X4C, you have failed our world." Said one of the figures.

    "Leopardmon-San, I will kill you if I must. I'm serving the greatest mind in this world and nothing will stop me." Said the other figure, seemingly Shoutmon X4C.

    "You respect me by calling me by my Knight's Name,"

    "I guess I'm too used to old times!" Shoutmon X4C joked.

    "However, you disrespect the Digital World by joining this one true evil. If anyone dies here, it will be you." Leopardmon readied his sword.

    "I won't take blasphemy of my Lord!" Yelled Shoutmon X4C. He moved his hands away from the large, black V on his chest and called, "CHAOTIC VICTORISE!"

    The V suddenly glowed a deep purple and blasted o…

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  • Digital Tamer


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