• Dolores Carvalho

    Anita Sumushu

    August 6, 2013 by Dolores Carvalho
    |digivice=Pink Hot X Loader |age=15 |gender=Female |nationality=Japanese |occupation=Hunters |alias=

    }} Anita Sumushu is a character,she appeared in Digimon Xros Wars Story II and it is a crush on Taiki Kudou

    File:Blazemon.png File:Takemon.png File:Sparrowmon t.gif| File:Lunamon b.png| File:Dorumon b.jpg| File:Indramon t.gif| File:Pegasusmon t.gif| File:Nefertimon t.gif| File:Flamedramon t.gif| File:Ankylomon t.gif| File:Sheepmon b.jpg| File:Pillomon t.gif| File:Angewomon t.gif| File:Gigadramon t.gif| File:Cutemon t.gif| File:Mikemon b.jpg| File:BlackGatomon b.jpg| File:Kangarumon b.jpg| File:Angemon t.gif| File:LadyDevimon t.gif| File:Dobermon t.gif| File:Psychemon t.gif| File:Opossummon t.gif| File:Astamon t.gif| File:Yasyamon t.gif| File:…

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  • Dolores Carvalho

    Fan: Lightmon

    August 6, 2013 by Dolores Carvalho

    Lightmon is a angel dragon as Shoutmon in pink version,it is a special dragon and it is a light


    • Ball Light Explosion: Ball of light can explode on the opponent
    • Dragon Fire Punch: Appearance of fire over fist and can burn the opponent
    • Hyper Water Power: An attack can take energy on the opponent
    • Draft of Love: It is an attack that can heal wounds
    • Change Gender: Uses his hand touch on the opponent and it transforms into a male or female
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