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  • FandomLTZ

    Olegamon: shoutmon go get some digijuce Shoutmon: what favlor master olgemon? Olegmon: I would like beet falvor Shoutmon: sorry master were out of beet favlor Olegmon: ok how about limon Shoutmon: master that favlor is gone to Olegamon: arrg I put most everyone under my chant and I'm out of digijuce?! Cutemon: let's steal juce from the villagers cu Olegmon good idea cutemon. Shoutmon let's go Shoutmon: yes master Ben Diskin: shoutmon cutemon come back olegmon is not your master Olegmon: shoutmon thow ben out of my ship Shoutmon:yes master Ben diskin: cruse you olegmon! Ben diskin falls into the gold water the end of blooper

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  • FandomLTZ


    March 29, 2015 by FandomLTZ

    A evil digimon base on poacher hunters that sell animals for money or keep them as trophies.

    in a unnamed different universe poachermon are alow to hunt digimon to sell them or keep them as trophies.

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  • FandomLTZ

    Shoutmon Movie?

    March 29, 2015 by FandomLTZ

    Shoutmon is my favorite character and if he had a movie I would watch it.

    in a different universe A group of Shoutmon are being hunted by Poachermon a digimon that collects any rare digimon selling them for digidollers or keeping them as trophies. wisemon who was looking around the unnamed universe of the digital world sees the group of shoutmon being chase by pochermon,wisemon attcks poachermon and takes the shoutmon group to his universe Meanwhile King shoutmon is bored and wants something to do luckly wisemon shows up with the shoutmons king shoutmon is told by the shoutmons that poachermon is plans to have 6 universes as his trophy. Then King shoutmon gets his friends to help the shoutmons and to stop Poachermon.

    JP/Eng Poachermon- unkow…

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  • FandomLTZ

    Digimon invasion

    February 25, 2015 by FandomLTZ

    Digimon invasion episodes list

    1. the invasion begins Ebemon and his mind control digimon invaded part of earth. King shoutmon looks for a human to fight against ebemon.King shoutmon eventually finds ruby and gives her a digiegg but a mind control digimon turns shoutmon into a digiegg now with 2 digieggs ruby flees to a save place to hatch the 2 digieggs.

    2. Vs airdramon the 2 digieggs hatches into Popomon and Red chibomon ruby and the 2 baby digimon head to ebemon is base to take down the mind control device. but Airdramon is trying to distory them. eventally popomon and red chibomon digivole into Liollmon and King shoutmon and defeat Airdramon

    3. Vs Kiwimon

    Ruby,liollmon and king shoutmon arrived at town that has kiwimon eating all villages…

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  • FandomLTZ

    king shoutmon's evo line

    February 20, 2015 by FandomLTZ

    Mikey's shoutmon has 2 younger forms

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