Digimon fusion Fan blooper: Olegmon and shoutmon

Olegamon: shoutmon go get some digijuce Shoutmon: what favlor master olgemon? Olegmon: I would like beet falvor Shoutmon: sorry master were out of beet favlor Olegmon: ok how about limon Shoutmon: master that favlor is gone to Olegamon: arrg I put most everyone under my chant and I'm out of digijuce?! Cutemon: let's steal juce from the villagers cu Olegmon good idea cutemon. Shoutmon let's go Shoutmon: yes master Ben Diskin: shoutmon cutemon come back olegmon is not your master Olegmon: shoutmon thow ben out of my ship Shoutmon:yes master Ben diskin: cruse you olegmon! Ben diskin falls into the gold water the end of blooper

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