Shoutmon is my favorite character and if he had a movie I would watch it.

Possble movie story

in a different universe A group of Shoutmon are being hunted by Poachermon a digimon that collects any rare digimon selling them for digidollers or keeping them as trophies. wisemon who was looking around the unnamed universe of the digital world sees the group of shoutmon being chase by pochermon,wisemon attcks poachermon and takes the shoutmon group to his universe Meanwhile King shoutmon is bored and wants something to do luckly wisemon shows up with the shoutmons king shoutmon is told by the shoutmons that poachermon is plans to have 6 universes as his trophy. Then King shoutmon gets his friends to help the shoutmons and to stop Poachermon.


JP/Eng Poachermon- unkown/unkown

Shoutmon (group) - ???/???

Wisemon - Show Hayami/Dan Woren

King Shoutmon chika sakamoto/Ben diskin

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